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Fundaciˇ Catalunya VoluntÓria team receives UNV Online Volunteering Award 2011
an article by Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation

A team of online volunteers, coordinated by the Fundaciˇ Catalunya VoluntÓria, received the UNV Online Volunteering Award 2011 for their work on 'Peace Bag for EuroMed Youth'. The project was granted by the Anna Lindh Foundation through its call for proposals programme, and involved a wide range of organisations across the two shores of the Mediterranean.

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70 online volunteers have contributed extensively, during several months, to the Peace Bag for EuroMed Youth toolkit, drafting, reviewing and translating the 191 page publication into 12 languages, as well as creating the layout and a web version. The Peace Bag, which offers practical tools to promote a culture of peace at the local and regional level across the Mediterranean, has been developed in a participatory process that involved 18 youth-led and youth-serving organizations from 14 countries in the region, coordinated by the Fundaciˇ Catalunya VoluntÓria.

The volunteers team was awarded for their contribution to the achievement of the Millenium Development Goals, specifically for the goal number 8: the establishment of a Global Partnership for Development.

To read more about the UNV Online Volunteering Award please check here.

To download the updated version of the Peace Bag toolkit please check here.


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How do we promote a human rights, peace based education?,

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Latest reader comment:

Question: what is the relation between peace and education?

We teach the science of war on an even and equal basis with the 3Rs and we maintain it with more resources than any other school. Further, we have done this consistently for a couple of thousand years, long before education was institutionalized for all children. And we have never questioned the wisdom of teaching millions of civilians how to kill while never giving the same credence, or any for that matter, to the science of peace, the study of anti-war, of reconciliation. With this inured mindset leaders choose to fund boot camps and officer training colleges and by omission deprive youth of the better choice.

If we can teach war and violence with such commitment to suit the purposes of generals and the arms trade, where are the rest of us who have a greater need for peace and conciliation than anyone anywhere has for the killing fields? Why have civilians not demanded peace education long ago and why don't we have it now?

This report was posted on January 10, 2012.