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Waking Souls for Social Change
an article by Vanessa Uriarte

For the past months of October and November, the city of Guadalajara in Mexico hosted the Pan American Games, the major sports event in the Americas in which thousands of athletes from this continent participated in a variety of competitions.

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While the city had the attention of millions of people locally, from the country and abroad through the mass media coverage from this global sports event, an innovative strategy for local development was implemented.

This strategy is called the Wake Cup, a social movement that promotes related themes such as the culture of peace, human rights, environmental equilibrium, citizen participation and urban mobility, as a general approach for the social development of civil society.

This strategy belongs to Waking Souls, a non-governmental organization in Guadalajara, Mexico initiated by Mexican youth interested in “waking up” the society in order to raise awareness and community development.

In a local-global perspective several activities and workshops were executed such as: meditation and yoga classes, sports activities, outdoor cinema, urban art and reforestation within the city. Through these activities thousands of people participated in this process that intends to bring social change.

The Wake Cup was an organized and well developed strategy that also got the attention of mass media, public and private initiative. The involvement of these different spheres of the society allowed a holistic response for the issues in our community. For the future, this movement has to have a concrete methodology in order to expect a measurable impact and continuity.

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How important is community development for a culture of peace?,

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Latest reader comment:

Community plays a important role in developing culture peace. We should promote our cultural values by interacting with each other and making these values part of our daily lives. A good example of this would be raising our children according to beliefs and values which are important for us and our cultural peace. We can also promote cultural peace by making small commuinties within big community and share different ideas and bring new ones in.

This report was posted on Decemnber 23, 2011.