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Culture of Peace Featured in Most Recent Issue of Afrique Démocratie
an article by L’agence de presse sénégalaise

The monthly all-African journal of general information, "Afrique Démocratie" has devoted its December publication to a large section on the culture of peace, considered by editor Mamadou Kassé as the "burning issue of the day."

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The journal discusses the first public conference of "Amicale sénégalaise" of the community of CESA (ASCECA) that was devoted to "perspectives for peace in West Africa."

The meeting considered four themes, including the role of the state in the promotion of a culture of peace and development in West Africa and the role of the civil society in the culture of peace and development.

The monthly publication carries the analysis of experts who took part in the conference. In addition, it quotes General Lamine Cissé, formerly the Minister of the Interior of Senegal as saying, "we feel obliged to deal with a certain number of convictions that are shared by the good people taking part in this reflection."

The journal highlights the point of view of Massaër Diallo, the coordinator for security and democratic governance for West Africa, as well as that of Thione Niang, the political counselor of Barack, who addressed the Senegalese students at the Paris Université du Grand-Ouest.

Afrique Démocratie also published an interview with Ndioro Ndiaye, President of the Alliance for Migration, Leadership and Development (ALMD).

(Click here for a French version of this article)


Question(s) related to this article:

Do the mass media give any attention to the culture of peace?, , or just to the culture of war?

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Latest reader comment:

The articles from Africa describe good examples, among the rare ones, of media attention to the culture of peace.  Not by accident that it is in Africa.  In fact, the countries of the North have traditionally tried to keep the countries of the South from having their own media.  For some history, see the history of UNESCO's attempt to aid the media of the South.

This report was posted on December 19, 2011.