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Workshop 'Women & Work: Improve Your Skills'
an article by Ana Afonso

Last May CEIPES (The International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development )organized the workshop "Women & Work: Improve Your Skills", targeted at 24 women arriving from all over Europe willing to work together. The main aim of this workshop was to improve women’s knowledge and skills in relevant areas in order to reach a more successful involvement in the labor market.

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CEIPES believes that education is fundamental to promote development. As CEIPES bases its activities on non-formal education using different methodologies, we chose to create an informative video in framework of the workshop Women & Work. The main aim of the video was to raise awareness on opportunities between women and men as well as to raise awareness among women about the importance of being confident and fighting for their own rights. The main idea and concept of Women & Work video was inspired by the United Nations Development Fund for Women’s videos.

Today, many women want and desire to have a career. They want to become self-sustaining individuals, independent and manifest freely in different ways. It is clear that women, whatever their career may be, are striving to gain equality in the work force today. Although women have made substantial progress in gender equality over the past 25 years, there are still many factors what limit women’s involvement in the labour market. Many of the biggest work-related challenges that women face revolve around gender. In that respect, the Women and Work video is full of motivation and inspiration, because every once in a while we find ourselves in need of some words that will inspire us to push a little further, dig deeper, take the leap of faith, continue doing or fighting for what we believe, overcome a challenge in our life, or simply be ourselves.

We believe that there is a need to utilize the full potential of women intelligence and education to scale the heights of success in their professional life. With this video we want to show women that there is the possibility to break out of the gender roles that were created for them by society long ago and help them to improve different practical skills and knowledge what could serve as proponent of the next women’s courageous steps to get more involved in the labor market.

The workshop was organized with the support of the Lifelong Learning Programme from the European Commission.

The video is available online.


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The following figures, very revealing, come from the website of the American White House.

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This report was posted on September 14, 2011.