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Socioeconomic Democracy
an article by Robley E. George

CPNN readers will find useful my new book entitled Socioeconomic Democracy: An Advanced Socioeconomic System. Under Socioeconomic Democracy there would be both some form of Universal Guaranteed Personal Income and some form of Maximum Allowable Personal Wealth limit. The amount or magnitude of this lower bound on personal material poverty and upper bound on personal material wealth would be established by a democratic process involving all participants of society.

This book responds to the desperate need of our planet for a new, improved, just and democratic socioeconomic system. The book will be of interest to everyone seriously concerned about the harm being caused by the extreme systemic maldistribution of material wealth, or in other words, by the way that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer, regardless of reactionary rhetoric and liberal languor. This serious, unnecessary and costly problem needs to be resolved democratically and peacefully by an informed, thoughtful citizenry.

The book first considers the forms, history and possibilities of guaranteed income, limited personal wealth and democracy. It then deals with possible societal variations, justifications, incentive and self-interest, practical political approximations, costs/benefits and implementation.

The book shows how Socioeconomic Democracy would greatly reduce 27 crucial societal problems, including the monstrosity of war. The book will be found appropriate for courses in economics, political science, sociology, political philosophy, utopian studies, futures studies, psychology and democratic socioeconomic systems design. It is described on the Greenwood website and the site of the Center for the Study of Democratic Societies.

The book is available from Praeger/Greenwood, as well as from e-Amazon and e-Barnes & Noble, and certainly should be available in your friendly local bookstore and library.


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Socioeconomic Democracy, Is it compatible with higher American and human values?

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This report was posted on April 29, 2003.