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A musical project dedicated to 'Friendship', 'Peace' and 'Love'
an article by WAALM

The non-profit musical project dedicated to 'Friendship', 'Peace' and 'Love' is a collaboration of Maestro Sattar, Opera singer Leonardo Tajabadi and WAALM (The World Academy Of Arts, Literature, And Media).

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No doubt music plays an important role in creating 'Friendship', 'Peace' and 'Harmony' and it is a major instrument in establishing 'Cultural Diplomacy' throughout the world.

Despite of all the troubles in the Middle East, two international outstanding vocalists of Iran who live in diaspora have joined their talents and for the first time ever recorded "A Time for Us" as a duet in Italian and English dedicating it to "Friendship", "Peace and Love".

This forthcoming non-commercial release is recorded by the Opera-baritone singer, 'Leonardo Tajabadi' from Paris and the legendary Pop-tenor, Oratorio singer, 'Sattar' from Los Angles.

'A time for us' was created in 1968 by the great Italian composer, Nino Rota (1911-1979) which was a theme song for Romeo & Juliet movie.

The project is facilitated by WAALM Academy and its extension School of Cultural Diplomacy, which is a non-profit organisation registered in England and Wales.


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What place does music have in the peace movement?,

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Latest reader comment:

As of now, there are 33 CPNN articles on this theme, which shows the great extent to which music is the universal language of peace!

This report was posted on July 27, 2011.