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International Children's Day
an article by Diana Tashkova

The right to play and rest, the right to choose your own friends, the right to good quality education... These are just some of the rights of the child!

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First of June is a special day for all the children! The International Children's Day has been celebrated for many years in Bulgaria in order to give the attention of society to kids. This year, 2011, young representatives of Leo Club-Sofia and members of the Association of Medical Students in Bulgaria, devoted the day to the childhood.

The event took place in front of the famous theater „Ivan Vazov” in the capital city of Bulgaria-Sofia. Youths from both organizations have prepared welcome posts, colorful balloons, drawing materials, games. „ The program includes real fun and smiles! We expect many children to come to play with us today.”- the organizers said.

The celebration started with painting and singing songs. More than 15 children on different age were concentrated on making the best drawing ever. Among them there was a queue for the rest of children who wanted to have their faces colorful too.”Painting on a paper is nice but having a butterfly on the face is much more exciting!”- shared one small girl waiting on the queue.

Not only the kids have been involved in the celebration but some of the parents were drawing and playing with their children. They showed the spirit of child happiness, spontaneity and creativity! In order to make this day much more special for children, they had the chance to write a wish on a paper and to put it in a red box. They believed that wishes on that day would become a reality!


Question(s) related to this article:

Rights of the child, How can they be promoted and protected?

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Latest reader comment:

The Convention on the Rights of the Child was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1989, as an important addition to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

This report was posted on June 6, 2011.