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Gathering the Pieces of Peace
an article by Oyku Unaldi

Why are people always in a war all the time, why do lots of people die for such nonsense every year. I thought about this and asked some questions to myself: Why can't we live with peace on our world? Why do we ruin the world that we live in?

In a while, I got my own answer. There are about 6 billions of people living on the world. The first thing we have to do is to connect and keep up some projects showing our reaction against war. Why should we just wait in a corner and close our eyes to what is going on?

I'm a 16 years old high school student from Turkey. I decided to start a project for World Peace. As the first step is gathering support and connecting people against war, I decided to start my project with the slogan "Gathering the Pieces of Peace" and giving a name "Yes Peace" which also accommodates the idea "No War"

I thought the best way to reach people was using the internet so I created a site that contains my idea. I started a project on my site with the aim to connect the web sites to each other that support world peace. Please look at my website at

In the future I think of starting bigger projects for world peace. After gathering a big support, making a difference on our (own) world will be easier. We can grow our effort bigger against war as we get more support around the world, getting our voice louder everyday.


Question(s) related to this article:

Groups that contribute to the culture of peace, Can we construct an inventory of them?

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Latest reader comment:

Such an inventory is being constructed for the report to the United Nations from civil society for the midterm of the International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World.

For more information, see the website established for the midterm Decade report.

This report was posted on January 13, 2008.