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an article by Daiana

Hi everyone!! My name is Daiana, I'm 22, and I am from Argentina.

A year ago, I started teaching in a new school with 18 years old teens. So I told them to start working on things such as: peace, human rights, discrimination, etc. And also, of course, deal with grammatical aspects as my job concerns.

We first started reading some articles and commenting on them in class. The idea was to make them conscious of the things going on around us. We also worked with songs, poems and things from the Internet.

Students liked the whole thing so much that we have started a project. They started collecting money to build a ramp for those who have motor problems (there are some children with that problem in the school). They organized a fair as well as many parades in which they exposed all the things worked all along the year. They sang songs, read poems, danced and talked about some articles from the newspaper we had read before. And thanks to their effort we almost have 100% of the money for the project.

I know this project is at a local level, but it made me feel really proud to see them doing things for others. And I'm sure that at some point they will change part of themselves and see life from a different viewpoint.

From my side, I will try to continue "guiding" children as much as I can. For me, they are the future and we have to take the best of them! If you have any kind of suggestion I will highly appreciate it!!


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Latest reader comment:

Students, especially children are easily moved when they hear about other children. Parents and teachers should take time to explain to students about world situations. Show them pictures or documentaries so that they will have a better understanding of how they can promote peace. Simple facts of life like living simply, recycling, protecting the environment can be shared with them so that they develop a different kind of maturity - be prepared to serve others than to be served.  They will realise that peace is important if you want to improve the condition of the unfortunate. As they grow, they choose careers whereby they will be able to meet the needs of the unfortunate.

This report was posted on August 21, 2007.