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The gift of Change: The Global Youth Assembly 2007
an article by Aliaa El zeiny

My name is Aliaa El zeiny and I have attended an awesome Assembly under the name of "The Global Youth Assembly". It was held in Edmonton Canada August 1-4. Such a beautiful city and wonderful people. In the Assembly we have met and listened to great figures of peaceful soul and mind like Dr.David Adams, Kim Phuc, Hurricane Carter, Shula Koenig, Douglas Roche, O.C. and Dev Ajula.

All of different ages and jobs but with a common interest to give us a brighter vision on what is the culture of peace and actually giving us the space to figure how to activate the culture of peace within our daily life.

But this assembly is different in a very positive way!

In the CPNN workshop, we talked about this website and interactive internet and then we started a project to make a change!

Click on photo to enlarge.

All the attendants including Dr.David Adams started to fuse their ideas and start a project to keep the momentum of the assembly going on; so this assembly would not have a dead end like most of the other youth "Things". And we are all interested about the idea - not only the people that were present in the workshop, but all the 600 participants.

This experience was really a life changing one! I met people that added to my knowledge, increased my tolerance and made me understand! Hope that all the upcoming events would be successful like this one. Grateful for all the friends I have made and all the great people I have met!

On the Internet you can find the Conference program.


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Global meetings, conferences, assemblies, What is the best way for delegates to interact afterwards?

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"to maintain the momentum achieved during these mobilizations so that participants can remain active and connected with each other and with  the Global Movement as a whole" is a crucial issue that few youth NGOs have ever achieved yet. . .

nice websites with profiles, some chatting, but little action or dialogue, little visible inspiration or local down to earth outreach...

maybe check this approach: highlighting "who does and achieves what, and how, and how to copy it" in  lively format.; with an instrument and format to install it in the biggest multiplier of  all: public school hallways. with status of Official Proejct of the UN Decade of Edu for Sustainable  Development in coop with for free online courses on global issues.

We have piloted pnyv! for some years with great feedback, yet not promoted because we first want to have a solid office to be able  to respond to requests about special editions, local editions etc...  SO, we are doing research in Berlin for setting up an office where we can have  some stable staff to do basics while the hundreds of online volunteers  (translators, editors, web editors) keep buzzing.

We have talks with a great culture centre this september, after i return from latinamerican-european youth networking in barcelona, and we are preparing several EU fundign proposals incl. positive news podcast online radio with of Argentina, backed up by the websites and inviting all positive actors to send in their stories, speak the news, develop branches to their countries  - of particular interest for developing countries where RADIO and  COMMUNITY RADIO still are the major medium.

And - how about a special edition on PEACE and PEACE-BUILDING?  we can include

Like the 100 page edition on WATER under construction; publishing date relayed until we have an office.

OK, enough impressions, my friend :)

see you later, if you like it!

Cheers from Berlin,
pnyv! project director
. . ...more.

This report was posted on August 10, 2007.