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A Smile Goes a Long Way
an article by Beatrex May Rocky

Last week I had the opportunity of meeting, or rather seeing for the first time, about 60-70 young people at an important meeting. I noticed that among themselves they were very free with their care and fun and smiles, but became very 'calculative' with their expressions when they 'saw' others. You may say that they are of a quiet nature or something to that effect, but I do not think so. Because I saw them otherwise. Well, I had fun meeting a lot of them. Not boasting or what, but I tried to smile and say 'hello' to quite a number of them. I have made good friends with a couple of them and we shared our contact numbers to keep in touch.

What I am trying to say here is that when we smile to someone new, we create an opportunity to say 'hello' and this 'hello' allows us to create a friendship. The quicker and the faster we establish friendship links, the sooner we will be able to 'join hands' and welcome peace among us. When more people have the habit of smiling and building links, the warmth created will bring barriers down. As the links which started with a smile grows deeper, care, share, love and everything else nice will grow too. Pockets, huge and small, will bloom and those standing 'outside' will definitely be drawn closer to join us, first with a smile 'cos they know that they will not be disappointed. A smile can also touch a cold heart, someone who puts up a rough face to cover up his/her problems, etc. One by one a smile will warm up their cold hearts; it might take more smiles to bring them around but it will worth the effort. A smile is powerful and when given, does wonders for the recipient.


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Latest reader comment:

Thank you Mr Adams for your comments. For me, your comments are a reflection of my growing years; I had to undergo changes to experience peace, and to be a "channel of peace".

Now, I wish I was more aggresive in my efforts to promote peace. I am still at a base level, at the level of - "in my daily life, in my family, my work, " only.

This report was posted on July 16, 2007.