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Get Out the Vote
an article by Charlie

As autumn shortens our days and the election approaches, it's ever more important to do everything possible to get out the vote on November 2nd. Every day, thousands of volunteers join with groups such as America Coming Together, America Votes, and others to make sure that turnout this year is high enough to defeat George W. Bush, whose doctrine of pre-emptive warfare without conclusiveevidence of threat is, I believe, the biggest danger to peace in the young 21st century. Activities include phone banking, letter writing, and going door to door to talk with voters face to face and remind them of the importance of casting a vote.

Reports from across the country note that Democratic voter registration is outpacing Republican in states like Ohio by a margin of 10 to 1. There have also been a rash of reports suggesting systematic voter registration fraud and attempts to disenfranchise minority voters by Republican Party officials in Florida, Nevada, Ohio, and Oregon. In an especially egregious example, three GOP campaign officials who were dismissed and are now under investigation for voter fraud in South Dakota were actually rehired by the Bush campaign in Ohio. The story was reported by the Associated Press and picked up by the Miami Herald

If you're upset at this undemocratic behavior, volunteer. Help to ensure that everyone with a stake in the future of our country casts a ballot on election day. Learn more about volunteer opportunities in your area at


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What would it take for the U.S. presidential election to be fair?,

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Latest reader comment:

Our local paper, the Anniston Star, has carried no articles recently about the debate over challenging the electoral vote being led by John Conyers.  This is discouraging, since it is a liberal publication which has been a moderate voice throughout the election.   I have written several letters to the editor with no response.  I will be wearing my Vote 2004 button tomorrow (January 6) to remind myself and others that the election is not over yet.  I hope that this election will spur the necessary changes in our election system to assure that every one votes and every vote is counted (correctly).

This report was posted on October 19, 2004.