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Kpalimé, Togo: Muslim Imans Train for Peace and Nonviolence
an article by Togo on the Internet

Some 200 preachers and imams of the Muslim religion ( from all regions of Togo ), have been in training since last Saturday [ 28 December ] in Kpalimé on the entrenchment of peace and non- violence, The training was begun Thursday afternoon on Agou Peak (about 117 miles north of Lome) during an excursion organized by the Muslim World League according to Agence Savoir News.

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Immediately after getting out of the bus, they gathered around the highest point of Mount Agou where they received a good deal of information after facing east for prayer.

According to Kossi Agbana, the technician at the relay center of the Togolese Television (TVT) in Agou, Agou Peak is the heart of Togo, because that is where all information from TVT Radio Lomé, Radio Kara and TV5 Monde must transit before being broadcast to other localities .

In the 1800s the height of Mont Agou was 1020m but because of erosion it has been reduced to 986m altitude, he explained.

Imams and preachers of Islam were briefed on the whole process: from the production, dissemination and reception of images and sounds on television sets. According M. Agbana, it is the microwave installed by Togo Telecom that feeds us the image and sound.

They also saw the transmitters of Radio Lomé , Kara and RFI and those of the TVT and TV5 Monde and the new transmitter (not yet functional) installed recently to receive the TVT on satellite. Before, it was the analog transmitters that were used and the images were black and white, but more recently the images are in color with the Secam system, he explained.

" We organized this trip to allow preachers and Imams from all parts of the country to know the highest mountain in Togo and visit the facilities of relay centers of radio and television transmitters" for his part stressed Malam Abdoulahi Mouhamed Yolou, the representative of the World Islamic League in Togo.

Remember that these preachers and Imams are trained on the concept of the culture of peace and non- violence.

Organized by the ' Islamic World League', this course aims to inform and educate preachers and imams on the values of peace and non-violence according to the Holy Koran.

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Will nonviolence be embraced by the world's religions?,

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Latest reader comment:

On religion and peace, most agree that religion can be used to promote peace and harmony among people. However, historically it has been misused by many and created more conflict. The solution to the problem lies in encouraging interfaith initiatives.

This report was posted on January 3, 2014.