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Voices against Violence
an article by UN Women

UN Women, in partnership with the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) has developed a global non-formal education curriculum to engage young people in efforts to prevent and end violence against girls and women.

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A first of its kind, ôVoices against Violenceö is a co-educational curriculum designed for various age groups ranging from 5 to 25 years. It provides young people with tools and expertise to understand the root causes of violence in their communities, to educate and involve their peers and communities to prevent such violence, and to learn about where to access support if violence is experienced.

The curriculum includes a Handbook for peer educators that will help them deliver age- appropriate sessions, as well as age-appropriate non-formal education activities.

The youngest groups may start out with storytelling and games that prompt them to think about gender bias and stereotypes, while older age groups can organize poster competitions, visit and volunteer with local shelters, or develop local community-based campaigns and projects to address specific forms of violence against girls and women.

Voices against Violence is a tool for young people around the world. It can be adapted to national context, translated into local languages, and rolled out in schools and communities in partnership with youth organizations, UN partners and governments.

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How to deliver: [english | espa˝ol | franšais ]

Sample activities

[Note: Thank you to Janet Hudgins, the CPNN reporter for this article.]


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Protecting women and girls against violence , Is progress being made?

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Latest reader comment:

The 47 CPNN articles devoted to this theme suggest that indeed progress is being made.

This report was posted on October 17, 2013.