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Peru: Intiwawa Children of the Sun
an article by Ashlee Buczek

Video: Intiwawa (Arequipa, Peru)

Congratulations to Intiwawa “Children of the Sun!” It has been almost one year since the opening of Casa Intiwawa, a facility built to fulfill the gaps in a small village in San Isidro, Peru. For six years, the Peruvian-German founded organization has demonstrated how volunteers can help fulfill the social, economic, and cultural rights without a physical infrastructure.

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Located in the outskirts of Arequipa, Peru, the Intiwawa organization has provided the children of San Isidro with breakfast and mid-day snacks, after school homework support, kindergarten assistance, English and computer classes, intercultural weekends, and has facilitate doctor checkups, dental treatment and hygiene education. All Intiwawa projects have been operating entirely on volunteers AND without a building or an office.

Intiwawa is a prime example of a grassroots organization that incorporates themselves with the local environment by working in the schools and collaborating with community members. This approach has allowed Intiwawa to understand the needs of the population and to find the most appropriate ways to fulfill those needs.

Every Wednesday evening, volunteers meet and sign up to partake in an Intiwawa projects for the following week. These volunteers are Peruvian as well as international volunteers. Intiwawa has created a volunteer network of over 200 members from 28 countries, dedicating their time (raging from weeks to years) to maintain the projects in San Isidro. Volunteers come from different backgrounds, but share the common belief in Intiwawa’s mission and the idea of prosperity through these projects. Thus, without paid staff, an office, or a program site, these volunteers have continued to provide assistance to the people of San Isidro.

After six years of successful progress, Intiwawa sponsors have gifted the San Isidro population with Casa Intiwawa. This facility has been developed to provide a physical home to host Intiwawa projects in order to ensure their sustainability. We can only imagine the great possibilities that can be achieved with the Casa Intiwawa infrastructure and look forward to the realization of the social, economic, and cultural rights of the San Isidro community.


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Latest reader comment:

Community plays a important role in developing culture peace. We should promote our cultural values by interacting with each other and making these values part of our daily lives. A good example of this would be raising our children according to beliefs and values which are important for us and our cultural peace. We can also promote cultural peace by making small commuinties within big community and share different ideas and bring new ones in.

This report was posted on June 25, 2013.