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Science for Everyone, for More Democracy (France)
an article by Gwenaëlle Beauvais

The Association of Science, Technology and Society (ASTS) aims to involve citizens in policy decisions in science and technology by providing all the necessary information for them to forge a valid, informed and lucid opinion on the choice of future, "guarantors of sustainable development in line with expectations and hopes of individuals and peoples in solidarity, respectful of future generations and protection of the environment." Today, the Association organizes and conducts regular activities: debates and conferences with scientists and civil society personalities, publishing a newsletter "Axial" online, along with studies and research, etc ...

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To make the sciences accessible to all citizens and understandable by everyone, ASTS designs and provides many innovative educational tools. Among them, since 2012, the ASTS (in partnership with a department in the Paris region) organizes meetings with scientific authors in twenty libraries. The initiative "science books" enables the public to meet authors from various scientific fields around specific or multidisciplinary issues posing challenges to society. These meetings contribute to strengthening the links between libraries and their regulars users, as well as attracting a new audience to these key cultural venues.

To find out more and to participate in their activities:

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How can we ensure that science contributes to sustainable development?,

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This report was posted on June 24, 2013.