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International Symposium 2013 "Science, Technology and Culture of Peace" (France)
an article by Gwenaëlle Beauvais

On 22 and 23 May 2013, the working group on non- violence at the University of Evry (France) is organizing an international symposium on "Science, Technology and Culture of Peace."

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In only one generation, what seemed a near certainty of progress towards a better world for all has given way to doubts and to the risk of a social, ecological and ethical regression. If science and technology is to contribute to human social progress, the civil society needs to ensure that its choices are guided by democracy and peace.

Science and technology should contribute substantially to reorient the development of our societies towards a culture of peace for the benefit of all citizens: better living conditions and health, better use of resources and respect for the biosphere, a renewed conception of economic and social efficiency. A reorientation of development based on science and technology is needed to fight against all forms of obscurantism (the deliberate withholding or obscuring of information and knowledge).

Key issues to be addressed during the conference include: what are the social and institutional conditions that can promote science, technology and culture of peace? How can we produce and disseminate a culture of peace based on the teaching of science and technology? How can scientists "cultivate" science and technology to better ensure economic, social and human progress?

The University of Evry hopes for extensive participation in the symposium. See the program and register quickly on our website .

here for a French version of this article)


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This report was posted on May 14, 2013.