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Consolidation as a zone of peace is the aim of Venezuela
an article by Venezuelan News Agency

The government of President Nicolas Maduro "has for its historic objective to achieve peace in the world as the only way to save the human race. We are a country of peace, that works hard with all our brothers, our American and Caribbean neighbors to achieve true union of our peoples" says the national government in a statement released by the Foreign Minister, Elias Jaua, May 4th.

President Maduro. Foto: AVN

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The text also states that this peace initiative, inspired by the ideals of Commander Chavez and the Patriotic Plan for the period 2013-2019, is being carried out in order to "be free and sovereign and to consolidate our position as a zone of peace ."

On Thursday, during the installation of the Government in the state of Miranda, President Nicolas Maduro reiterated that the strengthening of security and the promotion of a culture of peace were two of the top priorities of his administration, as a way to advance towards the construction of a fully socialist society.

"We call upon them to build territories of peace. We know how to move forward and where we are going," said Maduro to an audience in Miranda state, whom he met at the Petroleum Complex of Venezuela (PDVSA).

In his remarks, he stressed that efforts to establish a culture of peace must transcend the local level and multiply in every corner of the country in the form of specific projects, such as groups of the Movement for Peace and Life and the project "Canchas de Paz" (Peace courts).

The head of state said that by 2019 they should have achieved the goals in housing, consolidating the plans for Barrio Nuevo and Barrio Tricolor, guaranteeing free public education of high quality, strengthening culture with the plan "Cultura Corazon Adentro", and strengthening the Nutrition Mission, all aimed at providing the material conditions to ensure stability and peace for the Venezuelan people

He expressed that "the material living conditions of the people should be consolidated to achieve an optimal level of progress in social equality. What we have to do is to consolidate progress in the moral and spiritual values of our people. We need both hands, the material and the ideological."

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Can the culture of peace be established at the level of the state?,

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Latest reader comment:

The state has come, over the centuries, to monopolize the culture of war.  It would require a radical change in its very nature for it to abandon the culture of war and adopt a culture of peace.

For details on how the state has come to monopolize the culture of war, see The History of the Culture of War

This report was posted on May 6, 2013.