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Agreement signed for a culture of peace in Sinaloa, Mexico
an article by Nancy López, Noroeste, El Portal de Sinaloa

To make Sinaloa free from violence, various civil society institution, the government and the Sinaloa Institute for Women have signed an agreement for the culture of peace.

Photo by Noroeste

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The pact, which is rooted in resolution 1325 of the UN Security Council, which was adopted in 2000, aims to guide actions and programs to generate a state with lower rates of violence. Tere Guerra Ochoa, president of the Collective of Women Activists of Sinaloa AC that seeks to ensure the rights of women, said that they were spurred to action by murder of the young Oriana Elizabeth, aged 15, at the hands of three girls.

"In late January, we were alerted by the contradiction to our usual thinking that women are killed by men but not by women. The murder of the young Oriana, which was committed by three young women, was the wake-up call, "she explained. Among the actions to be taken are to have the women of Sinaloa, as well as the youth of Sinaloa, rediscover their pacifist vocation, and raise the consciousness of men about the serious problem of domestic violence.

Guerra Ochoa said the peace agreement will focus on neighborhoods and communities in the state with the highest rates of gender violence, as well as violence and crime in general.

Elizabeth Avila Carrancio, the Director of the organization Ismujeres, stated that the agreement will form alliances in both the public and private sectors to ensure the highest levels of safety for women.

Governor Mario Lopez Valdez recognized that after signing the peace agreement will be necessary to develop a series of actions and programs to effectively combat violence against women.

He agreed that the fight must be led by women, because it is they who have the mode, the form, the sensitivity and the character to be the agents of the change that is needed.

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The 47 CPNN articles devoted to this theme suggest that indeed progress is being made.

This report was posted on March 15, 2013.