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One Billion Rising: Playwright Eve Ensler Organizes Global Day of Dance Against Sexual Abuse
an article by Amy Goodman, Democracy Now

Video: Eve Ensler: One billion rising

People around the world are rising up today and taking to the streets to dance. Their actions are part of a global movement in more than 200 countries to end rape and sexual violence against women called "One Billion Rising," launched by playwright Eve Ensler, creator of "The Vagina Monologues." We speak to Ensler in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where she is helping survivors of gender violence. . .

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Hi, everyone. I am here in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo, on the verge of the rising, One Billion Rising. I think it will be the biggest global action in the history of humankind on the planet for women to end the violence and to bring about a time when women are cherished, safe, free and equal.

I just want you to imagine today that when you dance, when you put your body on the ground, when you put your feet on the mother, when you move your hips, when you move your body, when you move your soul, that we are literally dancing up the will of the world to end violence against women and girls.

I could never have dreamed up the diversity of this movement. We have queen of the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro and the queen mother of Bhutan. We have prime ministers of Croatia and Australia. We have lamas. We have nuns. We have Zumba dancers. We have Karachi danceówe have an extraordinary dancer in Pakistan who will be dancing in Karachi, where it is danger. We have women who have never danced before and women who will literally be risking their lives to dance. We have movie stars, and we have domestic workers. We have migrant workers. We have union leaders. We have nurses. We have doctors. We have every type of person on the planet and every person on the planet.

And I really believe this day will literally change the mindset, the paradigm and the energy of the planet. And when we wake up on the 15th, we will not be finished with our efforts. We will begin the next stage of our efforts, where violence against women and girls will never be marginalized again and where we will have called up the intention and the energy to make sure we live in a world where women are safe and free.

One of the greatest things about this movement is how connected we are across borders, across nations, across tribes. And we are in this together. We now know that violence against women is a global phenomenon and isnít particular to culture or to nations or to families, but itís something all of us are impacted by. So when you dance, imagine you are dancing with everybody on this planet, imagine you are connected to everyone on this planet, and dance your One Billion Rising dance so that we are safe and free and women are equal and we are cherished and come into our rightful power.


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Latest reader comment:

The 47 CPNN articles devoted to this theme suggest that indeed progress is being made.

This report was posted on February 16, 2013.