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Official ceremony of the Grand Magal of Touba, Senegal: The Caliph of the Murids Urges the Culture of Peace
an article by Samba Khary Ndiaye for Rewmi Quotidien

An official ceremony marked the end of the Grand Magal of Touba 2013 edition. On the occasion, the communication cell for the organization of the event has delivered the speech of the Caliph.

Cérémonie officielle : Le Khalife général des mourides exhorte ŕ la culture de la paix

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It should be noted that the Minister of the Interior, General Pathe Seck, led a large delegation at the official ceremony, representing the President of the Republic.

In his speech, the Caliph, Serigne Sidy Moctar Mbacké, first tansmitted greetings and thanks to the government. Thus, Serigne Sidy Moctar Mbacké prayed for President Macky Sall and his government so that they can meet the needs of the population and achieve their development goals. The diplomatic corps, the press, sheikhs and murid disciples added their appreciation as well.

In his speech, in addition to making a solemn appeal to all religious leaders of the country to form a shield in defense of Islam against multiple attacks, Serigne Sidy Moctar urged religious leaders to invest more in building Islamic schools and in teaching children the precepts of Islam. Moreover, the Caliph asked his countrymen to cultivate peace and maintain stability in the country, to avoid controversy and discord, to engage in work and to avoid waste.

Among other things, the Caliph called upon his peers to give the sites and localities built by their ancestors. To do this, Serigne Sidy Moctar advised youth who are victims of unemployment in urban areas to return to the fields.

General Pathe Seck said that he was very satisfied to have come to represent the Head of State in Touba. In addition to thanking the Caliph, the head of the National Police confirmed that the holiday of the Grand Magal of Touba is considered a holiday with pay for the administration.

The spokesperson of the Caliph, Serigne Abdou Bass Khadre Mbacké held a press conference after the ceremony to thank all those who have worked for the good organization of the Magal.

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Here is a rough translation of

Ramadan: the culture of peace

by Mustapha Cherif

Fasting is to be at peace. If someone tries to bother us, we can answer quietly: "I am fasting. "The concept of peace in Islam is central, in addition to being one of the beautiful names of God, Salam, the importance of which is at least equal to Rahman, the Merciful.

Ramadan calls, first of all, for a culture of peace.  This concept is directly related to living together in peace. In this sense, peace requires recognition of the other, keeping in mind that there is no peace without justice. The action reflecting this orientation is that of sharing, which must be conducted in a reasonable manner.  To accept differences, personally, in human relations, needs to be with an open heart and mind. Hospitality is a virtue.

The responsibility of the Muslim imperative of justice

The concept of peace in Islam is greater than any other: it is religious, human and cultural and beyond.

The qualities of the believer, generous, hospitable, good, all converge in the sense of achieving peace vis-ŕ-vis oneself, others and the world. . ...more.

This report was posted on January 25, 2013.