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Clark vs Dean for President
an article by Charlie McNally

Nine Democratic presidential candidates remain in the race for the party's nomination, but I think two provide the most realistic hope for promoting a culture of peace: Howard Dean and the four star general, Wesley Clark.

While John Edwards and John Kerry both talk tough on peace, neither had the courage to vote against the Senate war resolution. Dick Gephardt and Joe Lieberman were vocal supporters of the war. Three candidates have progressive stances: Carol Mosley-Braun, Dennis Kucinich, and Al Sharpton (the latter two being the only candidates that propose complete withdrawal from Iraq), but I think that these candidates have slim chances to win the primary and the general election.

Howard Dean has created an impressive grassroots network. Through small contributions, he demonstrates the ability to raise the large quantities of money needed to compete with Bush. Dean recently became the first Democratic candidate to decline federal election funds. To know more about Dean's campaign, go to

Dean also has weaknesses. Being from Vermont will make it difficult for him to win electoral votes in the South, without which it will be hard to win. Dean campaigns as a Washington outsider, a label that has served him well in the primaries but might make it difficult to woo large donors and democratic stalwarts.

Wesley Clark is strong where Dean is weak. An Arkansas native, he has support from democratic insiders. His military credentials will prove valuable on issues of national security, which may determine the outcome of the election.

The best candidate for a culture of peace is whoever has the greatest chance to defeat Bush. Ironically, this candidate may be the man who has spent his life to date preparing for and fighting in wars. Clark’s website is located at


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Who is the best peace candidate?,

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:cool: The Kooch is it!

Seriously, Dennis Kucinich is the only peace candidate we have ever truly had. He was awarded the Gandhi Peace Award 2004.
He has a specific plan to get our troops out of Iraq, and to repeal the Patriot Act. He has plans for bilateral trade to work with other countries, and to remove NAFTA, WTO and other "free" trade agreements that keep smaller poorer countries oppressed and encourage terrorism. He is a vegan - supporting peace in other aspects if his life as well.

I am involved with the Green Party now - after being an independent - coming to this decision through Dennis's campaign - that we must do everything we can at the grassroots level. For local politics at this point, that means the Green Party and other causal groups. For the presidential election Dennis is the only true peace candidate - and his platform is nearly identical to the GP. He calls himself the Green Democrat, and many GP members in this town have been sending in donations even if they are reluctant to vote in the Primary.
Look into your heart, and make the best decision for your own conscience. This is what Dennis supports. . ...more.

This report was posted on December 8, 2003.