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Peace Paint Ambassadors

an article by Joanne Tawfilis

The Art Miles Mural Project has introduced a new exciting element into its organizational structure called Peace Paint Ambassadors. The organization began its work in 1997 in Bosnia and Herzegovina by creating the first mural on a bullet-ridden sheet. Over 800 murals from over 100 countries have been completed toward the goal of completing twelve miles of acrylic painted murals on canvas, with an objective of "Creating Global Harmony Through Art".

Two young peace 10-year old peace activists and award-winning artists, traveled to New York to assist with the Art Miles Mural in that city. The young lady painted in Amenia and Manhattan and was able to provide a "voice" to the vivid visual graphics being painted by thousands of attendees by donning her own design of a "Peace Angel" award winning tee shirt and recruiting young attendees to paint murals in both locations.

The young man from Pakistan joined the World Peace Festival mural painting events in Central Park. He was invited to recite a moving speech on the outdoor stage with a backdrop of Peace, Unity and Healing Murals. Due to lack of time, he was directed to cut short the speech, as if the voice of youth was not important. We think that youth must not only have a visual opportunity to speak through painting murals, but they must have an active verbal voice in events being organized for the Decade of the Culture of Peace.

Do you believe Peace Paint Ambassadors can facilitate a basis for the Culture of Peace? Will they do provide a much-needed youth perspective in helping to organize events and mural marathons? Will they, as spokespersons for mural events, art coaches and mentors inspire and motivate others to paint for peace?

Interested young people are invited to contact Joanne Tawfilis at the art miles mural project or


Question(s) related to this article:

Peace Paint Ambassadors, How can they facilitate a culture of peace?

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Latest reader comment:

Dear Nadine,

I am just back from an international symposium on the culture of peace in Asia Pacific which took place in Korea .

It was a great conference, and the organizer gave me the address of his website where he puts his drawings.  Although the text is is Korean, the drawings are universal.  I think that they illustrate your point.

To see them, go to the website of DG Kang and click on any of the 26 pages.

David Adams

This report was posted on December 4, 2003.

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