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New, State-of-the-art Website for the Culture of Peace Initiative
an article by Culture of Peace Initiative

The Culture of Peace Initiative (CPI) is very excited about and pleased to announce that we have a new and completely revised, state-of-the-art, web site. In fact, this newly upgraded web site is more than just a source of information - it is an on-line social network for Peacebuilding organizations within the CPI worlwide community. And anyone can join - it's free! The newly upgraded CPI web site will serve as an information and knowledge sharing hub for year round PeaceBuilding activities across the globe. It will also serve as the primary location for posting events for the International Day of Peace and for documenting each year's growth of this annual global observance and demonstrating this to all people, including the United Nations. Note, all events posted on this web site will automatically appear on the International Day of Peace web site.

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Our new web site provides you and all Participants of the Culture Of Peace Initiative with many tools, including a free membership system and discussion groups. It is integrated with leading edge technology for event listings, mapping and searching. The new CPI web site has many social networking features: people and organizations can create their own profiles; organizations can create groups, and people can join these groups and participate in their discussions; people can provide status reports, 'friend' others, and even comment on or 'like' their status. In addition, there is a Peacebuilding section, where people can list their own Peacebuilding tools or practices. The new CPI site also includes blogs, news feeds, access to a newsletter, videos, photos, links, ideas and more . . .

The web site supports the Xeden Cloud Event Mapping System where you can submit information about a peace event or activity, which is then displayed on a visual map embedded into the CPI web site. The corresponding database is searchable by location, date, type of event, and organization. Note, your submissions can include text, photos, videos and links related to your event, activity and organization . . .

Join the CPI at (it's free) and enter our community by creating a profile that can include: you or your organization's information, activities, projects, photographs, videos and links. From there, you can join various groups, or create your own. You can participate in group discussions; and you can provide your own status reports, 'friend' others, and even comment on their status.

Explore the site and add to it. This is your site. In fact, an entire Peacebuilding section is devoted to your Peacebuilding tools and practices.

Add any and all events to the Global Events Calendar - now, and on an on-going basis. Remember, events posted here show up on the International Day of Peace web site as well - and vice versa.

Share and forward this newsletter to members of your organization, people or organizations in your network, and friends who you think will be interested in participating.

Please take some time today or this week to help us populate this site.

Thank you, and May Peace Prevail on Earth . . .


Question(s) related to this article:

How can we know if the culture of peace is advancing?,

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Latest reader comment:

One way we can NOT know if the culture of peace is advancing is from projects like the Global Peace Index which has recently been reviewed in CPNN.

The Global Peace Index measures the old dimensions of war and peace, not the new dimensions of culture or war / culture of peace.    Peace, in the old paradigm was the period between wars when countries were preparing themselves for the next war.    Culture of Peace, the new paradigm, is concerned with the deep roots of war, its cultural basis.

That can explain the paradox that it is the wealthy countries of the North that score highest on the index (Denmark, Austria, Switzerland and Finland), countries of Europe, which was involved in both the World Wars and which continue to profit from the unequal terms of trade between North and South which is enforced by the culture of war.  

When I was at UNESCO, the African ambassadors had the following to say: "One should not look to the South for the causes of the culture of war; instead, pose three questions. From where do the weapons come? From where do the violent television programmes come? And where are the terms of trade decided that impoverish the people of the South which leads to violence? "

This report was posted on April 1, 2012.