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Mexican initiative for peace
an article by Paulina Luquin and Luis Manuel Encarnacion

Recognizing the need for concrete answers for human development in Mexico, young people are becoming interested to participate in the political life of the country. Out of this has been born the initiative "1 million youth for Mexico," as a way to generate proposals for the transformation of the country. This initiative, “100% citizen, non-political and independent” looks to involve the civil society and to forge alliances with organizations and universities, academics and specialists in the different subjects that it includes.

logo of "1 million youth for Mexico"

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At the present time, one of the greatest problems confronting the country is the increasing gap between rich and poor and the living conditions of the poor who are now half of the population. This situation is aggravated by the lack of efficient institutions, and the lack of sustainable development and quality education in the country.

In this context, "1 million youth for Mexico" proposes the writing of an Agenda of Freedom and Co-Responsibility, focused in five strategic areas: 1) Democratic Security and Human Rights; 2) Quality Education ; 3) Sustainable Economic Development; 4) Social Cohesion; and 5) Governance.

But the outstanding thing of this initiative is, on the one hand, to wake up brings back to consciousness towards a culture of La Paz, as well as to promote to the maximum the inalienable right of the participation democratic of the young people in Mexico. Of equal way, another one of its characteristics excellent it is to give to pursuit to the proposals and activities through indicators of impact that allows to measure the task of the officials government in the country. This project it would be possible to be cataloged as a good one practices applicable in different countries where young people look for a greater attention their interests.

The most outstanding aspect of this initiative is, on the one hand, to awaken the consciousness for a culture of peace, as well as to promote as much as possible the democratic participation of the youth of Mexico, which is their inalienable right. Another of its relevant characteristics is to follow-up the proposals and activities with impact indicators allowing an objective evaluation of the actions of public officials in the country. This project could provide and example of good practices for any country where young people are seeking attention to their needs and interests.

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Question(s) related to this article:

Youth as future peace-builders, What project-based learning initiatives are available?

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Latest reader comment:

Yes! Youth can and does make a difference, if given the opportunity.

In all of our inter-action on Peace youth played a very important role.

Million Minutes of Peace: Signing of the Manifesto initiative, more than 900 signature were submitted by us.

In 2001 at 1pm. we had a young man of 10 lead the City Officials in the First Steps into the International Decade of Peace 2001 -2010

Every year on September 21st an activity led by youth is held, the last two years we planted trees in memory of those who lost their lives to natural disasters, or participated in a walk led by the Minister of Education with many schools involved.

Yes! Youth can and does play a very important role in the promotion of peace.  


Trinidad and Tobago

This report was posted on March 4, 2012.