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Solidarity with Peace Groups
an article by Linda Speel

PeaceRootsAlliance was formed out of an urgent need for a peaceful response to the disaster of 9/11/01 in NYC created by a network of friends who lived in community together for over 10 years. Through the wonderful, borderless internet we have rekindled our deep-rooted connections and involved some active new participants. From these vibrant relationships we have created some heartfelt projects including More Than Warmth/Woman to Woman quilts, where peace squares are made into quilts and sent to war-torn areas like Afghanistan through Global Exchange, and Iraq through Voices in the Wilderness and others have helped sponsor them, too. This is to teach peace here, and let them know there, that people care.

Our Signs of Peace Billboard Campaign currently has a billboard featuring the thought provoking slogan: "Peace Is Patriotic", with a backdrop of the Ameican flag combined with a dove, where they are now up in 45 locations across America. Both projects are growing.

We also help students learn about conscientious-objector status and how they can register for this useful way of standing up for their conscience.

See our website at: for more details and photos on our projects.


Question(s) related to this article:

What kind of leadership is needed for the International Decade?,

How can the peace movement become stronger and more effective,

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Latest reader comment:

The peace movement can become stronger and more effective in two ways: recognizing peace movements in other countries such as Iraq this week, and in the US by continuing the momentum. On April 15th, several actions are planned reminding tax payers how much of their tax dollars go to fund the war machine, April 29, Bruce Gagnon's Global Network vs. Nuclear weapons in Space will meet in NYC, followed by the Mayors for Peace Non-Proliferation Treaty renewal rally in Central Park.
And Jonathan Schell will be speaking at the West Hartford Town Hall on Tuesday April 12 at 7:00 p.m. He is one of the leading philosophers of the peace movement.

This report was posted on March 9, 2003.