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Sold Out America
an article by Scott N. Proctor

Here's what I do for peace... I sing this song at peace events in and around Billings, Montana:

It's representative democracy,
but does it represent the free?
Or just those with investments?

And will they spen it all on missile shields
And makin' brand new landmine fields
And will it stop a "backpack nuke"?

Chorus 1:
Sold Out
America's been sold out
[Be]cause voting gets the old out
While all the young are working towards a grave.
Sold Out
Republicans just hold out
the Democrats just fold out...
America's been sold out!

They'd trade the whole "American Dream"
to sell you white and squeaky clean,
and justify a war for gasoline.

And feed you scandle and sensation,
Puppets of the corporations.
They've forgotten liberation in their laws.

Chorus 2
And if they rolled out
the money that they hold out
the silver and the gold out
then we could feed the hungry of the world
Sold Out.
America's been sold out
Our values all but "polled" out
Drowned in demographics!

'Til we get all fed up with voting
and cast our votes based on promoting
and wonder why it's gone to hell?

They call it Real Politique
which means they tell you what to think
and then they tell you it's what you
wanted all along

Chorus 3:
Sold Out
America's been sold out.
I think getting cold out
Let's house the homeless masses
Instead of sitting on our asses
Thinking someone else will fix it
Or let some rich bastard nix it
With some crap about "Free Lunch"
this isn't just a hunch...
start reading "Common Dreams"
It'd help it you'd vote Green!


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What place does music have in the peace movement?,

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As of now, there are 33 CPNN articles on this theme, which shows the great extent to which music is the universal language of peace!

This report was posted on February 17, 2003.