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Peace Oil Lubricates Cooperation Between Israelis and Palestinians
an article by David Sokal

Olive Branch Enterprises began in 2006 as a for-profit committed to Peace in Israel and Palestine. By setting up business ventures that require the cooperation of Israelis and Palestinians, Olive Branch would provide an incentive for peaceful cooperation. Its first venture: importing Palestinian olive oil to the US to sell as Peace Oil. Owner, David Sokal of Seattle, found three fair trade groups to export olive oil from Palestinian farmers.

Image from peaceoil website

Sindyanna of Galilee, a group of Arab and Jewish women, has been working together since 1998 to help build the Arab farming community in northern Israel, conserve farmlands, empower women and work for peace between all people.

Green Action Israel in Tel Aviv works to protect the environment, promote grass roots social action, youth empowerment and fair trade in Israel. Avi Levi of Green Action, fair trade advocate, works with farmers in three small villages near Nablus in the West Bank to help them export their olive oil.

Finally, Canaan Fair Trade, a large group representing 1700 Palestinian farmers in the West Bank exports olive oil for use in Peace Oil.

Thanks to Peace Oil, lovers of peace and good olive oil can enjoy one of their favorite foods while promoting peaceful cooperation between Israelis and Palestinians. See for more.


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What are the advantages of working in the Holy Land,

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Eight Reasons to Join us in Palestine this Summer

1. You'll See The Situation Firsthand

There's only so much you can learn by watching the 6 o'clock news or reading history books on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This is why fact-finding missions to the Middle East are so important. Frequently, those who participate in Travel and Encounter programs describe their trips as "life-changing experiences." By visiting the region and seeing the situation firsthand, you will learn a tremendous amount about the daily life of Palestinians under Occupation. You'll also have the opportunity to meet with Palestinian and Israeli peacemakers: people who have devoted their lives to bringing peace with justice to the Holy Land.

2. You'll Serve As A Witness For Peace

Palestinians who have suffered through more than thirty years of Occupation often feel that the world has abandoned them. As more and more of their land is confiscated, more and more of their homes are demolished and more and more of their citizens are killed they wonder: why is no one standing up for us in the world community? This is why some Palestinians are cheered by the presence of international witnesses for peace, who are willing to live among Palestinians and learn from them. It reminds them that there are still people in the international community who believe that Palestinians should be able to live with freedom, peace, security and independence. . ...more.

This report was posted on February 26, 2008.