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Atoms for Peace: Nobel Peace Prize for 2005
an article by Joanne Tawfilis

It is only fitting that the IAEA and Dr. Mohammed El Baradei were awarded this year's Nobel Peace Prize. The "Agency" is chock full of experts and hard working support staff, some who have worked many long years to keep the organization at the forefront of scientific breakthroughs for peace.

Most people only see the work that is done by the Agency through all the media flurries about Safeguards and Safety Inspectors, and truthfully, that should be and is of primary concern to every living creature and species on this earth.

However, it is also the work of the Agency to conduct research and build programs in other vital areas for the peaceful application of nuclear energy. One of these areas are focused on nuclear medicine with breakthroughs emerging for detection and treatment of cancers, including one of the biggest claims to lives worldwide - breast cancer. Another is focused on eradication of diseases such as those caused by the Mediterranean Fruit-Fly and yet another, the ability to enhance the cultivation of crops and food to feed the growing hunger problems of our world.

These are just a few of the "other" projects the Agency has excelled in with far less fanfare and less sensational news most of us either see or hear. Many good works continue to emanate from a lot of good people behind the scenes who deserve this incredible honor. As a former senior staff member, I add my congratulations to Dr. El Baradei and the staff of the Agency. And, as a "survivor" of cancer, it is a privilege and a gift that my life has been prolonged by the safe and peaceful application of nuclear energy.


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This report was posted on October 31, 2005.