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Culture of Peace Advances Despite Media Silence

an article by David Adams

The culture of peace is advancing, according to a vast majority of the 700 organizations participating from over 100 countries in the 2005 World Report on the Culture of Peace. The report provides the first comprehensive view of the progress of the global movement for a culture of peace, since it was called for in 1999 by United Nations Resolution A/53/243. A summary of the report was presented by the Ambassador from Bangladesh to Secretary-General Kofi Annan on June 29 so that it can be considered in the plenary debate of the General Assembly to mark the midpoint of the International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-violence for the Children of the World (2001-2010).

The summary report includes assessments of progress and obstacles by region: International NGOs (two pages), Africa, Arab States, Latin America, Asia, Europe, North America and the Caribbean, all of which report progress. It also includes two pages of advice to the United Nations from participating organizations which addresses the eight program areas for the culture of peace that are recognized by United Nations Resolutions. There are now almost 500 photographs on the Information Board of the report website (for a few of them, see the illustrated version) of the summary report).

The inspiring advance of the global movement for a culture of peace comes despite almost total neglect from the mass media, according to most accounts from all regions. This suggests a major challenge for the second half of the decade: to ensure that news of the global movement for a culture of peace is recognized and documented by both the mass media and alternative media.

The Information Board of the World Report website will remain open for additional organizations to participate until the General Assembly debate in the fall of 2005.


Question(s) related to this article:

How can we know if the culture of peace is advancing?,

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Latest reader comment:

The advancement of culture of peace in any environment cannot easily be known. Some of the signs of this advancement could be seen and others can be felt and heard. First and foremost, advancement of this culture can mainly be clearly noticed in a country where peace was elusive. If it is an ethnic division that caused conflict and made peace disappear, the sure sign will be the two factions dialoguing and working together in improving their relationship. The boundaries created by the conflict fizzle out and there comes free movement and expressions. People start talking about peace openly and various avenues are created to educate the masses about the importance of peace. The general populous is discouraged from getting involved in vices that can cause conflict. Citizens are provided with an environment where everyone would be engaged in productive activities. The media will be encouraged to disseminate messages of love not hate. If the conflict was between two nations, governments will start exchanging diplomatic representatives and citizens of the two countries start visiting each other.

This report was posted on July 18, 2005.

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