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Video: How to Jump Start Your War
an article by alan gorg

Video: How to Jump Start Your War

My 20-minute video "How to Jump Start Your War" is a satirical look at the four similar deceptive protocols used to start each of the last four big international wars: World War Two, Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq. Most people of all political stripes do not like being swindled, and this animated and historical video is about giving college and high school classroom exposure to what might possibly be the four biggest fakes of the last hundred years. This video is sure to provoke discussion about the causes of war.

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Wars can be stopped. The Vietnam War was stopped by people protesting. Our novella "Proof that God Exists" covers that wild era;

Please note that among the four rulers primarily responsible for those four big wars, there was one fascist, one communist, one Democrat, and one Republican. War is an equal opportunity enterprise.


Question(s) related to this article:

Is this view of  history oversimplified?,

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The following exchange was made between CPNN and the author of "How to Jump Start Your War", Alain Gorg:


I have a question for you.  The video makes the point that wars are begun by staging fake provocations.  The cases for Poland, Vietnam and Iraq are clear.  That of Korea is not clear in the film.  Can you clarify this?

Alan Gorg:

Poland was staged, but Vietnam, Iraq, and Korea were not staged, but rather, created out of vague evidence.

In Korea, there were continuous little provocations back and forth until the North chose to magnify one as the provocation justifying invasion of the South, not so big as the supposed provocations in Iraq and Vietname and Poland, but from a more real basis in fact.

You are correct. This video is created to provoke thought and discussion and is simplified, is satire, is not a documentary, but has a real thread of truth.

The video is not put forth as a great work of film art, but rather an effort to present important insight into history that I could not find anywhere, so I felt somebody needed to do it. I chose to use satire in an effort to make this video about war and mass death more bearable for the audience.
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This report was posted on April 19, 2014.