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Campaign: My Body is a Canvas, Not a Target
an article by Ana Afonso

Did you know that “up to 70% of women experience violence in their lifetime”? Woman 2 Woman Networking together with CEIPES and Voices of Woman Media, are promoting an awareness raising campaign for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on the 25th November 2013.

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The main goal of the campaign is to raise awareness of the wide variety and types of violence that affect women and transwomen world- wide and the several shapes it takes, such as: gender pay GAP (unequal wages), sex based discrimination (access to health care, access to job, etc.), racism, sexual harassment, domestic violence, sexual violence, emotional abuse, human trafficking, stalking, honour killing, and many more.

The campaign is addressed to everybody without distinction so, JOIN US and shoot your idea! To participate in the campaign you need to:

* Send maximum 5 photos (high quality and JPEG. format) with a message related to the subject of violence against women. The message MUST be portrayed through body painting, drawing or writing, i.e., the message should be drawn, painted or written in the body and then photographed.

* Fill in the following form – “participation form: ”

* Send the photos and the form duly filled in until the 22nd of November to the email address

(Note: The photos sent in the framework of the campaign might be used in the future for activities related to the same subject issue.)

All the photos of the campaign are going to be published the 25th of November in an online magazine produced by the organisations involved in this event. The magazine will be published online and will be possible to share it for free by just sharing a link. This corresponds to a second part of the campaign when hopefully it will possible to reach even more people.

We are online on facebook and in the given email if you have any question.


Question(s) related to this article:

Why is there so much violence against women?,

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Latest reader comment:

In addition to the violence against women that comes directly out of the culture of war, there is another cause that comes indirectly.

The capitalist system itself was an indirect product of the culture of war, and its essence is the exploitation of human labor by which a person sells their time for a certain wage and during that time they are the property of the employer.

By reducing the human being to the status of property, capitalism itself became the cause of another form of violence.  Since a woman's body can be sold as "capital", i.e. property (prostitution, use of women's images for advertising, etc.), then it can also be stolen.  And what is the theft of a woman's body except rape?  Very often, in fact, it is "armed robbery" conducted at the point of a gun or a knife.

This analysis is quite harsh, and I find that many people object to it.  Hopefully, others will respond so there can be a full debate on the subject.

This report was posted on November 13, 2013.