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Share your reflections and raise awareness in Global Education Magazine
an article by Javier Collado, Director of Edition of Global Education Magazine 

Global Education Magazine is a humanistic and educational magazine supported by the Regional Office of Latinamerica and the Caribbean of UNESCO and UNHCR. The initiative started after the most voted proposal on Rio+20.

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As you can see in our website,  we promote the complex thinking as a fertile way to achieve a holistic understanding of the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations by the world-society, creating a horizontal dissemination of the knowledge, where teachers, Nobel Prize winners, volunteers, UN workers, students, etc. could share their reflections in a common space. 

For that reason, we would like to invite CPNN readers to share their reflections for our coming editions on:
September 15th: International Day of Democracy
December 10th: Human Rights Day
March 8th: Woman Day

Please, read the publication rules and feel free to ask us anything else you could need (they are flexible, but it will be great have an abstract and key-words in order to facilitate the research to our readers).

The deadline for the coming edition will be on August 9th (we could extend some extra day if you need it). Of course, you can write in any official language, you can add any link to videos, websites, photos, etc. and you will also receive a free certificate for your publication if you are interested in.

Please, read our last editions here and ask us anything else you could need and feel free to propose us new kind of bridges within our jobs. 

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We hope for your active participation!  Feel free to talk about us between your friends and your networks too! ;)


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This report was posted on July 3, 2013.