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Newsletter Supports 'Inner Peace/World Peace'
an article by Jeff Olson

The quarterly printed newsletter, InnerPeace/WorldPeace, is now available to help support our personal transformation to nonviolence and the building of a new world.

This newsletter is an outgrowth of an interfaith group that meets each Saturday morning in Oak Park, Illinois in reflection, study, meditation, and action. Rooted in the belief that we are all connected with each other and all creation, we are creating ourselves and our world anew in peace, in freedom, in joy.

Actively applying love / forgiveness / nonviolence in response to everyday conflict in our personal, family and political lives can be humbling, exhilerating, and inspiring. The newsletter attempts to chronicle and celebrate this experience.

Questions we have been asking ourselves lately include:

-- How do you balance peacework with family relationships and responsibilities?

-- How can we contribute to healing the Palestinian/Israeli conflict by bringing together people of opposing viewpoints in our own community?

-- How do we deal with the violence in our own hearts, in our own families?

-- How do we relate effectively with family/friends who have very different opinions/beliefs regarding nonviolence?

-- What kinds of peace action are effective?

Go to our website, innerpeaceworldpeace and click on the sign-up page to join our discussion.


Question(s) related to this article:

Work on "inner peace", When does it support and when does it detract from work on "world peace"?

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Greetings. †The relationship between inner peace and world peace is exactly what interests me. †I feel that they are one and the same. †

My core idea about world peace is that you -are- world peace! †

Here is what I mean... †The outside world is only a reflection of what is going on inside each of us collectively. †And so, when enough people realize their true nature as world peace, the outside world will reflect this realization. †I didnít come up with this idea by myself, but I do feel the deep truth within it, and so I have set up a website ( to help other people experience the idea and feel the truth for themselves. †

All the standard work towards world peace (ending war, teaching tolerance, etc.) have good intentions. . ...more.

This report was posted on January 5, 2004.