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How can we know if the culture of peace is advancing?
New Reports from CPNN-USA*
Updated February 8, 2007

Concert Co Exist
..."A young Lebanese man and university classmates who had come together to fund raise for Lebanese and Israeli victims of war organized the concert."

"A Candle" A song to give peace a chance
..."I am a social artist that belongs to the New Song Movement (Latin folk)... I know what violence is I grew up with it, my family was affected by it. ."

Paul's Peace Pole
..."A Peace Pole acts as a silent prayer and message (May Peace Prevail On Earth) for peace on Earth and there are hundreds of them now “planted” into Mother Earth in many countries.."

Diego Rivera, the Father of Guadalupe
..."how Diego Rivera, a man impassioned about his own dream of a Culture of Peace, painted for his people"

A Grassroots Initiative for Peace – When A Name Doesn’t Matter
..."I expected to see only a small handful of people to attend. Instead, a group of more than 60 people showed up to join the round table discussion and to decide what actions they might engage in."

Peace Walks
... "The peace parade is just one of many parades planned for 2007 taking place around the world – Canada, Egypt, Austria, Italy, Japan, and San Diego, California – led by religious and political leaders, celebrities, and members of the community to promote world peace and global unity."

African Adventure
..."I had the opportunity to go to Arusha Tanzania with the Arusha Project, a nonprofit organization ... for HIV positive people to fight the stigma connected with virus."

UNA-USA San Diego 2006 Eleanor Roosevelt Human Rights Award
..."Laurel and her work have represented the Culture of Peace ... since the 1960's, her passion to establish a visual language regarding "Kindred Spirits" has been applied in various forms throughout her lifetime--all depicting joy, wisdom and warm messages of promoting humanity, environment and peace between all."

Peace and Ghostly Matters
..."The slaves, immigrants, the colonized, the poor. . .they all become "ghosts." They are denied the right to tell their own stories, or to write their own history."

Youth Television Creates Peace
.."Youth in areas of ethnic conflict are hooked on serial television programs that promote peace by example, and show kids from all backgrounds the commonalities they share."

Other Reports from CPNN-USA

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Culture of Peace
Key Values

The culture of peace, as defined by the United Nations, is much more than just peace. It includes the full range of positive alternatives needed to replace the culture of war and violence that has dominated 5,000 years of human history:

Respect all life
Reject violence
Share with others
Listen to understand
Preserve the planet
Rediscover solidarity
Work for women's equality
Participate in democracy