Colombia: Medellín advances in developing a culture of peace


An article from Telemedellin (translation by CPNN)

Medellín is advancing in the goal of developing a culture of peace in the neighborhoods and territories of the city.

Video with the Secretary of Non-Violence 

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Despite having the youngest secretary of the Medellín Mayor’s Office, this agency has also achieved important achievements in accompanying the victims of the armed conflict. The Secretariat of Non-Violence of Medellín has only been created for 7 months.

But in that short time, major achievements have been made, especially in the work of accompaniment of the victims of the armed conflict.

Despite the pandemic, actions continue to be implemented in neighborhoods and territories, to develop a culture of peace and non-violence, through different strategies, including schools of art and peace.

And like the culture of peace, it must start from the youngest, with them programs have also been implemented from the secretariat, such as peace reporters.

What follows now, for the Secretariat of Non-Violence, upon receiving this year the report of the Truth Commission, is to advance with other initiatives, including the massive measures of symbolic reparation and measures of satisfaction of the victims of the conflict.