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Creating a culture of peace
How can we do it as professionals?
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International Students
What is their potential to foster global understanding?
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How do we promote a human rights, peace based education?
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Higher education for peace
How can young people find support for their studies?
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What is the relation between peace and education?
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What is available on the Internet?
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Peace education at the United Nations
how does it work?
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Peace Studies in School Curricula
What would it take to make it happen around the world?
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Peace-building Stories
literacy development with peace-building
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Save the Children Australia UN Global Peace School Program
School Communities as Peace-builders
0 8748 Peace Studies in School Curricula
What is the best way to teach peace to children?
0 10999 Teaching and Learning for Peace Foundation
Can children be involved in the peace process through literacy?
0 11685 Peace through Education
What do you think of this curriculum for training peace educators?
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Learning opportunities to foster global community
What are the important components in their design?
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Video and Internet Games
that teach the principles of a culture of peace
2 8701 Gaming for Peace and Justice
UNESCO Associated Schools
How does their teaching promote the culture of peace?
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Hazing incidents in schools
Can they be teachable moments to educate students about a culture of peace?
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Peace education in Canada: Model for other countries?
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Internet schools: replacement or compliment for public schools?
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Dialogue in schools about war and peace issues
What are the needs and limits?
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University campus peace centers
What is happening on your campus?
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Youth speaking to youth on peace
Do you know of other examples?
0 8241 Peace Ambassadors
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