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Can peace be guaranteed through nonviolent means?
0 9623 Peace Day
Are nonkilling societies possible?
If yes, what should we be doing? If not, what will happen to us?
3 10231 Legacy of a Nonviolent Political Leader: Governor Guillermo Gaviria of
A curriculum on nonviolence
Is there one being used in a school?
0 5169 Removing Violence from Chicago Public Schools
The Manifesto 2000
Is it still relevant today?
0 5191 Firman CEDH y Gobierno del estado Manifiesto por una Cultura de Paz y
Does meditation contribute to nonviolence and a culture of peace?
1 5519 PIPE (Paz interior - paz exterior): Promoviendo paz a través de la med
Does a culture of peace require that there be no violence?
0 5319 Asian youth gather in Cambodia to discuss peace, development
Can longstanding violence be helped by someone from outside?
1 8818 Confronting violence: experiences in a South African home for abused c
What is the message to us today from Mahatma Gandhi?
0 6089 Gandhi’s Legacy Lives On
Does research show that nonviolence works?
3 9614 Peace Research: We are all interconnected
¿Que argumentos plantea la gente para aducir que la paz no es posible?
¿De qué maneras los has respondido?
0 14715 Se cuestionan supuestos de violencia en Sudamérica
What arguments do people use to claim that peace is not possible?
How have you answered them?
0 6087 Questioning Violence-Justifying Beliefs in South America
Reconciliation in the Great Lakes region
Can we learn from their experience?
0 6650 Students learn from SEP in Rwanda
Does torture produce reliable information?
1 7120 The War Around Us
What's the message to us today from Martin Luther King, Jr.?
2 11056 A first candle for Martin Luther King's birthday
U.S. gun related deaths
What will be needed to drastically reduce them?
1 8068 Child Gun Safety: Baby Steps in a 1000-Mile Journey
The anger of peacemakers against the wrongs in the world
How can it be put aside to find true inner peace?
2 8006 Working for Pax 2100
Thou shalt not kill
Can religions make it stick?
1 7959 The "Power and the Glory" Speaks to Us Today
The example set by Philippines universities
What would it take to follow it in New England and other world regions?
1 8188 Nonkilling Political Science Takes Root Globally
Nonviolence is at its best when violence is at its worst
Do you agree?
0 8460 Educating for Peace in a Time of War: Conference at Peace Abbey
Incidents of bullying
Can they be reduced by training bystanders to intervene?
0 7450 Book Review - The Bully: A Discussion and Activity Story
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