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How can a culture of peace be established in the Middle East?
0 10528 Four Opportunities to Visit the Holy Land
How are the Palestinians responding to the latest attacks?
0 4876 Despite crackdown, Palestinians organize for long-term peace
Presenting the Palestinian Side of the Conflict
Does this promote a culture of peace?
7 11292 Students for a Free Palestine
Israel/Palestine, is the situation like South Africa?
Would a Truth and Reconciliation Commission help?
3 9812 Justice South African Style
How can there be a political solution to the war in Syria?
0 5702 Syria: Vienna Conference Final Statement
Should the US attack Syria?
0 5186 Pope on Syria: Violence not the path to peace
Can the IPCTV project help bring peace to the Middle East?
0 4987 The IFLAC IPCTV project: a global peace culture television and interne
Presenting the Palestinian side of the Middle East
Is it important for a culture of peace?
0 8558 Edward Said lecture
What are the advantages of working in the Holy Land?
0 7714 Four Opportunities to Visit the Holy Land
Why does the media neglect vital peace efforts in the Middle East?
2 7806 Little Known Peace Efforts in the Middle East
The GroupDialog online consensus building methodology,
Would CPNN or other groups want to experiment with it?
3 7604 Jewish-Muslim Email Dialogue Success
The Israeli peace movement
Do you think it will continue to grow?
2 8169 Major Peace Demonstration in Israel on May 11
Relations formed in the darkest times
will they provide a basis for reconciliation?
1 8282 The dialogue of bombs & the underreported nonviolent resistance
A Holyland Protectorate peace scenario
0 8019 Little Known Peace Efforts in the Middle East
Jewish-Palestinian dialogue
How is dialogue different from conversation, discussion, or debate?
0 8585 Jewish-Palestinian Dialogue: Turning enemies into partners
In what voice or voices can Islamic heritage speak to us today,
yet relevant to our technically advanced but morally turbulent world?
4 9016 Nobel Prize for Peace to Shirin Ebadi
What does Shirin Ebadi have to say to people in the West?
1 8292 Nobel Prize for Peace to Shirin Ebadi
The best way to deal with entrenched animosities
Are they neutral situations such as the peace camp?
4 8686 Peace camp
Do idealistic initiatives have an impact on history?
1 8466 Israeli Activists Elude Roadblocks to Meet Palestinians for Peace
What do you gain from experiences with different cultures?
And feel free to add any thoughts on Afghan women and burqas
1 8151 BURQUA
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