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Question: Youth initiatives for a culture of peace, How can we ensure they get the attention and funding they desereve? CPNN article: Youth for Culture of Peace Report 2006
CPNN Administrator
Posted: Dec. 31 1999,17:00

This discussion question applies to the following articles:

Youth for Culture of Peace Report 2006
Advocating for UPEACE at the UN
In the City of Santos, Young People from Nine Countries Talk about Peace
International Youth Forum in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
Important Peace Iniatives of Alliance of Civilizations
Rencontre Internationale de Jeune pour la Culture de Paix
International Youth Meeting for the Culture of Peace
Dialogue des civilisations : le temps de passer à l’action, selon les jeunes
Dialogue of Civilizations:
Call for projects by United Nations Alliance of Civilizations
Call for Proposals: Grant for Innovation in Conflict Transformation 2013

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CPNN Administrator
Posted: May 22 2007,19:38

The Youth  for Culture of Peace Report was mentioned in the high-level report of the Alliance of Civilizations that was presented to the United Nations on 13 November 2006,  as its first recommendation of for its activities in relation to   youth.

The Global Youth Solidarity Fund formulated by the report is proposed in the form of a Global Youth Alliance:

"A Global Youth Alliance should be established as a mechanism through which youth can contribute to the implementation of all of the recommendations set forth in this report (not just those under the 'youth' theme)."

"Supported by a Global Youth Solidarity Fund, this initiative could begin with the convening and mobilization of various youth networks and associations to promote dialogue, alliance and a culture of peace. These organizations have already begun working together to organize meetings that would provide the opportunity for young people of diverse backgrounds to set an agenda for action which they can then present to global leaders to win their support and assistance. In addition, a survey has been conducted a survey has been conducted identifying 468 youth organizations from 125 countries that could be engaged as implementing partners."

The high-level report of the Alliance of Civilizations is available on the Internet at http://www.unaoc.org/repository/HLG_Report.pdf.
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CPNN Administrator
Posted: Jan. 02 2012,05:04

The original Youth Report for a Culture of Peace is still worth reading as the initial inspiration for the Youth Solidarity Fund of the Alliance of Civilizations.  See http://decade-culture-of-peace.org/report/YouthReport.pdf.
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