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Question: Would your organization like be included in this database? CPNN article: Global Peacebuilders Project
CPNN Administrator
Posted: April 16 2007,14:09

Readers response are invited to this question which is related to two reports: Global Peacebuilders Project; and .Call for Submissions: Peacebuilding Approaches Catalogue
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CPNN Administrator
Posted: April 16 2007,14:11

Press Release from Global Peacebuilders

Building community capacity for peacebuilding worldwide

The Global Peacebuilders project managed by Springboard Opportunities Limited is going live soon. Comprising an innovative online information-sharing portal, unique best practice catalogue and an international conference located in Belfast, Northern Ireland, the Global Peacebuilders project will connect researchers, academics, practitioners and organisations working on peace and reconciliation, conflict resolution and peacebuilding worldwide, and will provide a platform for disseminating achievements and building capacity for the future.

While every conflict across the world is distinct, the underlying causes are often similar, and there is much to be gained by building bridges between practitioners and sharing in the positive work and successes that have taken place. Not only within the context of the island of Ireland, but also beyond, there is a need for a positive place in which all conflict resolution and peacebuilding organisations can come together, share strategy, build momentum and increase their capacity for transforming conflict and creating the conditions for sustainable peace.

The Global Peacebuilders project will help build such a platform for disseminating achievements and sharing strategies for the future. Specifically, a fully-searchable 5-language online database of individuals and organisations working in conflict resolution and peacebuilding will be developed. The database will bring together organisations from across the global north and south, and, stemming from this, a comprehensive catalogue of best practice examples in conflict resolution and peacebuilding from around the world will be produced.

By building new relationships and spanning continental divides, the project will enable organisations to ‘broaden their horizons’, offering inspiration and strategic direction, and affording them a portal through which to share and incorporate innovation and best practice. By offering a solid support network for conflict resolution, reconciliation and peacebuilding, Global Peacebuilders will help organisations to learn from one another, increase confidence, build capacity and ultimately make a more effective contribution towards stable and inclusive societies across the world.

Sign up and circulate

If you, your organisation, or any organisation you know would be interested in joining the online database of peacebuilding and conflict resolution organisations, contributing your best practice examples, or simply learning more about the Global Peacebuilders project, contact Sarah Maitland, the Global Peacbuilders Project Coordinator on +44 (0)28 9031 5111, sarah@springboard-opps.org or www.springboard-opps.org. A spirit of inclusivity, diversity and participation is at the very heart of this project, so we would be delighted to hear from you!

The Global Peacebuilders project is funded by the European Union’s Peace and Reconciliation Programme 2000-2006 under Measure 5.3 Developing Cross Border Reconciliation & Understanding and managed for the Special European Union Programmes Body by the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland.
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