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Question: Can the Olympic Games promote a Culture of Peace? CPNN article: The Road to Athens
CPNN Administrator
Posted: Dec. 31 1999,17:00

This discussion question applies to the following articles:

The Road to Athens
The Vagina Monologues
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UN Secretary-General calls on countries to follow through with Olympic Truce
S.Korea receives DPRK’s list of 5-member delegation for high-level talks
PyeongChang Winter Olympics to Serve as Platform for Sustainable World
UN chief in Pyeongchang; Olympic message of peace is universal, beacon for human solidarity, culture of peace
(Olympics) Top organizer says ‘world became one’ during PyeongChang Winter Olympics
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Posted: June 11 2004,04:59

A Prince's Vision: A Message of Peace, Love and Friendship to the World

By HRH Prince Tala M. A. Al-Faisal Al-Saud

Every four years, the world celebrates its humanity through The Olympic Games. This summer, the eyes and ears of the world will focus on Athens, Greece, as Athenians welcome these nations united at the 2004 Summer Olympic Games.

For two weeks, nations from every corner of the world take pride in the strengths and abilities of their athletes who are experiencing the diverse cultures of the host city and its multinational guests. The ideal embodied in the Olympic flame, the lauding of extraordinary achievements in sport, combine to unite the world in hope for a peaceful tomorrow. Undeniably, the message of the Olympic Games is universal.

It is with this spirit of "Peace, Love and Friendship" that the Road to Athens has been created. Amidst the backdrop of tumultuous world events, in the Middle East and in Saudi Arabia, the worldwide view of the Arab world has suffered and opened a chasm between truth and distortion. These worldwide opinions are misshaped by a prism that projects the behavioral aberrations of a select few, and casts them as the defining characteristic of our people. In a world where cultures struggle to find understanding and co-existence, the message of "Peace, Love and Friendship" is a constructive and universal theme that the entire world can appreciate now and in the future.

Born spontaneously by Saudi youth, such ideas and projects should be enhanced and encouraged for the greater good of humanity. The competition will embark on reshaping these distorted views by presenting the reality that defines Arabs on the world stage and in conjunction with The Olympic Games.

Twenty-one young Arab men representing seven different countries such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Turkey will unite to compete in a vigorous and epic journey to pass on the philosophy of the Road To Athens to the world. The competition will challenge them physically, mentally and spiritually, as they traverse six countries and 57 cities, spanning over 3400 kilometers by foot, camel, horse and bicycle, during which they will gain a first-hand understanding of a variety of cultures.

The starting point of the race begins in Tabuk, in northern Saudi Arabia, on June 26 and continues through rugged landscapes and cities rich in the history and culture of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, and finally Greece, where they will arrive at the threshold of the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens.

The winning team will have the world - Olympiads, foreign dignitaries and mass media alike - as their audience to speak a message of peace during the opening ceremonies. They will have the opportunity of a lifetime to represent all Arabs as peaceful, loving and friendly people. By virtue of competing in the Road To Athens, these young Arab and Islamic men will act as goodwill ambassadors for their individual countries.

Through the strength, agility and heart of these young men, will come the message that their desires, dreams and visions may not be so different than those of young men from the streets of New York or Paris or the villages in Italy and Indonesia.

Please join us in celebrating and following each team and each individual athlete, as they follow the Road To Athens. For just like the Olympic Games, this event belongs to the world.  

For further information please see the website at www.road2athens.com or contact me at jmatic@keatingco.com or 973.400.5213.

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CPNN Administrator
Posted: July 05 2004,09:59

The following school project for the olympics and peace has just been received from the Life Link schools.  For more information, see their website at www.life-link.org

Friendship-Schools world-wide in favour of the Olympic Truce

Life-Link friends and other Peace friends at schools world-wide, From the bottom of our excited hearts we recommend that students and classes at your school perform a peace action Olympic Truce - Get on the Move!  (Life-Link action 1:15).  Why not a whole school and a one day activity sometime in June-July-August-September 2004!

Life-Link promotes peace actions to be undertaken at schools all continents. www.life-link.org  : Care and peace with Myself - with Others - with Nature.

The modern Olympic Truce ("Olympic peace")  highlights and stresses the true Olympic Ideals from the ancient times: "Fighting ceased from seven days before until seven days after the Games, allowing athletes, artists and spectators to travel to Olympia, participate in the Olympic Games and return to their homelands in peace." www.olympictruce.org

The United Nations 190 member States in a resolution November 2003 unanimously support the Olympic Truce initiative! Well-known signatures from all over the world do the same! www.olympictruce.org

Let us engage in a historical challenge ! Let's give peace a chance: Let us abolish war as an outdated method to solve human conflicts! "Conflicts will not cease overnight. But if we can stop fighting for 16 days, maybe we can do it forever!"  It depends on us, on you and me of course. This challenge is realistic! Invite athletes and sport heroes to be peace ambassadors!

After consultations with the International Olympic Committee and the International Olympic Foundation in Lausanne, as well as the Olympic Truce Centre in Athens and the Swedish national Olympic Committee in Stockholm, the Life-Link Friendship-Schools Association is proud, honoured and eager to support the Olympic Truce by offering our ongoing peace education programme to the peace curriculum at schools world-wide.

Plan and perform a part day or a one day of Mini-Olympic Games, Olympic Truce - Get on the Move, at and around your school. Guidelines are enclosed, please turn over to next side.

Report to Life-Link: A short report, use the report forms on www.life-link.org "Action Report{ or the {Report a new action{ on your page at the website. You can also send a report by ordinary letter mail. If you send some photos from your Olympic Truce actions (1-5 photos?), do it by ordinary letter mail or as jpg documents on e-mail.  Report latest 31 December, but preferably before 30 September 2004, the sooner the more inspiration for other schools in the world!

Uppsala Sweden May 2004

Hans Levander, Medical Doctor, Chairperson

Rita Medvedeva, Student, Katedralskolan Uppsala
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CPNN Administrator
Posted: Aug. 20 2012,05:36

Concerning the potential of the Olympics to promote a culture of peace, we have received at CPNN the following observation about the 2012 Olympics from Palestinian activist Mazin Qumsiyeh.

I was proud to watch the great reception of the South African team which achieved several medals at the Olympics.  They were of mixed background: white and black, and various religions.  The all Zionist, all Jewish Israeli team were losers (and I am not speaking here of medals but of principles) who returned here without fanfare to an apartheid state reminds us that this cannot last.  But I dreamt of living to go welcome at the Lod Airport a winning Palestine Olympics team that includes Jews, Christians, and Muslims.  I know that this future of one democratic state is coming.  The example of South Africa is worth looking into.  Much struggle remains to be done in South Africa to achieve equality especially in economic issues. But we are long past the days when leaders of Apartheid South Africa met and collaborated in developing nuclear weapons and modes of repression with Jewish state leaders.
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