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Question: World Social Forums, Advancing the Global Movement for a Culture of Peace? CPNN article: Impressions from the Boston Social Forum
CPNN Administrator
Posted: Dec. 31 1999,17:00

This discussion question applies to the following articles:

Impressions from the Boston Social Forum
World Social Forum in Belem, Brazil
Culture of Peace at the World Social Forum in Tunisia
Forum Social Mondial 2013 en Tunisie
World Social Forum, Tunisia, 2013
Tunisie: Le Forum social mondial 2013 s’est ouvert mardi
Tunisia: The World Social Forum 2013 is underway
World Social Forum in Tunis: Another world is possible, without the 1%
Brasil: Evento fará balanço de ações dos últimos 15 anos do Fórum Social Mundial
Porto Alegre, Brazil: Fifteenth anniversary of the World Social Forum
La ville de Montréal à l’heure du 12ème Forum Social Mondial
The city of Montreal hosts the 12th World Social Forum
Canada: Forum social mondial : un succès malgré la faible participation
Canada: World Social Forum: a success despite the low turnout
Changing the system to address injustices: discussing with Mamadou Goita on the World Social Forum
Brazil: Open Letter convenes World Social Forum 2018 in Salvador

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Profile PM 
Posted: July 30 2004,16:37

I think that those who attended the BSF agreed that "another world is possible", and that it existed for the duration of the forum.
However, on Thursday when I returned for the Progressive Democrats of America conference (about which more later) I re-entered the real world by entering the Cage. It was chilling!
I don't think the word crypto-Fascist is exaggerated. See http://www.alternet.org/story/19395.
I'm sure there were other CPNN regulars who were in Boston last week. Let's hear your impressions.
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Profile PM 
Posted: Aug. 02 2004,08:17

At the Forum, almost everything touched on the culture of peace, although only a few speakers linked their talks to the UN initiative, prompting a leader of the French Peace movement to remark he was disappointed that the culture of peace was not better represented at the Forum. The response to CPNN was positive, but most people were unaware of its existence.  Next time there should be culture of peace events, pins and t-shirts, as well as the CPNN cards and flyers that we gave out.
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