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Question: How can we be sure to get news about peace demonstrations? CPNN article: Demonstrations around the World
CPNN Administrator
Posted: Dec. 31 1999,17:00

This discussion question applies to the following articles:

Demonstrations around the World
Peace Rally in Helena, Montana
October 27 Anti-War Marches in US
Thousands march in London for Gaza and freedom for Palestine
International Conference: Confronting War Ten Years On
Protest to Stop Western Intervention in Syria
United Kingdom: Thousands call for Britain’s nuclear deterrent Trident to be scrapped
London: International Peace Congress April 7
Global Anti-war Protests Against US-led Aggression in Syria
UK: Protests: Trump & May – No More Bombs on Syria, 13-16 April, Nationwide
Peace and disarmament on the streets of Germany
UK: Nationwide Public Meeting Tour: Stop Bombing Yemen, Stop Arming Saudi

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Posted: Oct. 01 2003,12:11

In doing the research for this report, just like the one I did earlier about the February 15 demonstrations around the world, I was struck by the fact that the mass media is being forced to be more responsive because of the presence of independent media on the Internet, like Indymedia.

But Indymedia, like CPNN, depends on volunteer labor and that requires a different attitude by people towards the news.  People need to learn to write the news and not just wait for it to be given to them by the professionals of the commercial media.  That's not easy, as you can see from the following exchange between readers and someone named Will at Indymedia.UK: "come on, Will - you can do better. Indymedia Uk is made up of volunteers ... This kind of full-on reporting is not something anyone wants to do every weekend.  Indymedia volunteers are not machines. They have lives, you know - friends, jobs, lovers.  I, for example, went to dinner with friends tonight after having spent the day working for indymedia ..."

At CPNN, we need to take this problem to heart.  We need to help our readers find a way to become writers and not machines, so they can write for CPNN and not give up their dinners with friends, etc.
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CPNN Administrator
Posted: Oct. 30 2007,18:35

Following the peace marches of October 27, 2007, there was no information in the major news media in the United States.

For more on this see the op-ed piece by Jerry Lanson in the Christian Science Monitor.
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