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Question: How are you celebrating Peace Day? CPNN article: Peace Day: A Living Instrument of Peace
CPNN Administrator
Posted: Dec. 31 1999,17:00

This discussion question applies to the following articles:

Peace Day: A Living Instrument of Peace
International Day of Peace Celebrated in Every Country
International Day for Prayer for Peace and Youth Network
United Nations Celebrates International Day of Peace
Springboard Opportunities
News from the House of Erasmus
11 Days of Global Unity
Chicago Peace Day Celebration
La Fundación Escuelas de Paz Celebra el Día Internacional de la Paz
The Foundation Schools of Peace Celebrates the International Day of Peace
Student Observance of International Peace Day at the UN
International Day of Peace in Armenia
Hawaii Teachers Impact NEA National Assembly – 3 Million Members to Support Peace Day
International Day of Peace 2012: Map of Events
Convoca Consejo Estatal de la Educación a “Construyendo la Paz” en Tamaulipas, México
The State Education Council calls for Constructing Peace in Tamaulipas, Mexico
Les initiatives en France pour la Journée Internationale de la Paix 2011
Des élèves du primaire courront contre la violence
Primary Students to Run Against Violence in Quebec
The 2012 Peace Story : A Global Call to Action
Maratón Rotary por la Paz: Septiembre, 21 2012 – 24 horas por la Paz
Rotary Peace Marathon September, 21 2012 – 24 hours for Peace
Peace Day Philly
Cairo's Day of Peace
Escuelas de Paz (Colombia): La Conmemoración del Día Internacional por la Paz
Escuelas de Paz (Colombia): Interntional Peace Day
Message du Secrétaire général de l'ONU à 100 jours de la Journée internationale de la paix
Mensaje del Secretario General de Naciones Unidas: 100 días hasta la conmemoración del Día Internacional de la Paz
The UN Secretary-General's 100-day Countdown Message to the observance of the International Day of Peace
Global Feast for Peace - September 21
35th Anniversary of Peace Day in Chicago
Appel pour être acteurs de la Journée Internationale de la Paix 2014 en septembre à l'UNESCO
Be an actor in the International Day of Peace September 2014 at UNESCO
Call for papers about International Day of Peace at Global Education Magazine
Some Events for the International Day of Peace
UNESCO: Paroles de Paix : comment œuvrer pour le droit des peuples à la paix ?
UNESCO: Words of Peace: How to Promote the Right of Peoples to Peace?
Fe y Alegría y Unir promueven cultura de paz: Bolivia
Fe y Alegría, and Unir promote culture of peace: Bolivia
Ban Ki-moon fait sonner la cloche de la paix à l'ONU
Marking International Day, UN affirms people's right to 'imagine' world at peace
UNA Westminster Branch flies high to mark the UN International Day of Peace (UK)
A greeting of peace from Tripoli, Lebanon
Generation Grand Lacs celebrates Peace Day
USA: Campaign Nonviolence Week of Action II, September 20-27, 2015
Argentina: Ciclos de Cultura de Paz
Argentina: Cycles of Culture of Peace 22 September to 1 October
Global Feast for Peace, held annually during Peace Week, Sept. 15-21
Zimbabwe: Artistes Celebrate Peace
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Profile PM 
Posted: Jan. 02 2005,13:52

Since 18 september 2001 we are celebrating the International Day of Peace by conducting a vigil for peace at the square in front of the Peace Palace in The Hague.
We have permission for the time between sunrise and sunset, and probably in 2005 will be the first time we will receive permission for a 24 hour vigil.
Realising the key position that our institutions of International Law play and will play in the establishment of a Culture of Peace and Non Violence for the Children of the World, we, the members of "Silence for Peace" feel very priviledged to live so close to the Peace Palace that we can celebrate the International Day of Peace here.
Every year we invite people to join, and bring their prayer, ceremony or silence to melt our energies into one bundle of support for the proces of growing towards a peaceful era, knowing ourselves connected with thousands of people worldwide, doing the same.
At noon we conduct the world peace prayer flag ceremony, and last year was the first year we could burn a ceremonial fire all day long.
Whenever you are in Europe, and even better, in The Netherlands, know yourself to be invited.
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Profile PM 
Beatrice Mukhtar
Posted: Sep. 11 2007,09:36

To answer the Question, How we Celebrate Peace Day???

At the World Council of Churches, we prepare for Worship on that day. There will be five stages of worship:-

1- Gathering of Prayer
2- The call of Christ.
5-Rainbow Stage.

One week before the 21st, we will ask colleagues to write the
word " Peace" in their own language. And through the whole week we will be praying for the different acts of violence that take place in different parts of the World.

Many thanks, and God be with you.

Your Sincerely.

Beatrice Mukhtar
World Council of churches
Spirituality and Worship in an Ecumenical Context
Decade to Overcome Violence
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Profile PM 
CPNN Administrator
Posted: Oct. 05 2007,18:33

Participants in the International Day of Prayer for Peace have received the following letter from the World Council of Churches:

The International Day of Prayer for Peace (IDPP) 2007 was a special day around the world. On the 21 alone, people from about 50 countries visited our web page to find information and probably prayers. You have contributed to this day by observing it in your community and we want to thank you for your efforts and commitment. Thank you to all of you who have gone through the trouble of letting us know what you and your church or community is doing! This is greatly appreciated and will encourage others next year.

There is evidence that an increasing number of people, communities, churches and networks around the world are observing the International Day of Peace (UN) and the International Day of Prayer for Peace (WCC) http://overcomingviolence.org/about-d....e.html As the people who believe that peace is possible get together and pray, as they work for peace and justice, the momentum grows so that leaders and political powers begin to pay attention. Always remember that it was the perseverance of people, not least in churches, who brought apartheid to end and the Berlin wall to tumble.

A sign, discovered last week by the Living Letters team to the US reads: When the people lead the leaders will follow. This is what the International Day of Peace is about. A growing number of people, increasing the momentum for more peace and less violence. Your prayers are a powerful testimony and they strengthen the work you and other do in peacemaking. Some of you have listed their commitment on the International Day of peace vigil website. (www.idpvigil.com)

This letter is being written on the International Day of Non-Violence. It is the first time, this international day is being observed and it is not well known yet. There are many international days, but we believe that no day of peace and no day of non-violence is a day too many.

Next year the prayers for the International Day of Prayer for Peace will come from the Pacific and it will also include a liturgy.

May every day become a day of peace and non-violence.

Blessings in the name of the Prince of Peace,

Rev.  Hansulrich Gerber
Decade to Overcome Violence
World Council of Churches
P.O. Box 2100
CH1211 Geneva 2
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Profile PM 
David Adams
Posted: July 15 2014,06:07

The International Day of Peace, September 21, engages millions of people around the world in the cultivation of a new world, a culture of peace: "we can nurture the seeds of peace and greater understanding that have an impact far beyond one day."
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Profile PM 
CPNN Administrator
Posted: Oct. 06 2014,11:00

It is difficult to find extensive listings of the many events celebrating the International Day of Peace around the world.  An exception is the United Religions Initiative which lists events for the IDP 2014 by their affiliates in Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, United States and the Philippines.
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