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Question: Can a film show gratuitous violence and promote a culture of peace? CPNN article: New X-Men Movie Calls for Peace and Tolerance
Posted: June 05 2003,00:16

Gratuitious violence is not a necessary factor in promoting a culture of peace, however, sometimes it can be a most effective means of motivating someone to to cultivate a culture of peace within and without one's self.  It can also have the opposing effect.  It is like many communication mediums, if not all things -- they do have there darker sides.
Nevertheless, gratuitious violence can sometimes demonstrate the importants of doing one's honest best to take the 8 CPNN principles to heart and live them out.

that's my verbal nickel  

simon :D
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Posted: July 17 2003,21:00

Quote (CPNN Administrator @ May 13 2003,07:18)
Readers' comments are welcome on this discussion question and the CPNN report on the film concerned.

I enjoyed your report and couldn't agree more.  While viewing the movie X-Men, I found a lot of similarities between the events in the movie and those in our society.

One great example of this is when the son tells parents that he is a mutant, and he explains that he didn't choose to be a mutant; he was born that way.  This is also the way many homosexuals come out to their parents in our society today: having to say that their sexul orientation isn't a choice, but a part of who they really are.

The movie also shows that without the help of non-mutant allies, peace would be difficult to gain.  And, in our society, it would be hard for women to finally gain their desrved rights without the help of men, African Americans without the help of Caucasians, homosexuals without the help of heterosexuals, Jews without the help of Gentiles, and so on.

It is good to know that there are those out there who can see the positive message in a movie, especially one that is not always seen for the purpose of learning something.  Good report.
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Posted: Dec. 04 2004,14:06

Gratuitous violence in itself does not promote a culture of peace, but I believe that movies like "Beyond Borders" promote awareness that is important in promotion of a culture of peace.  By showing movie goers realities that are violent, it will shock them into learning more about what is going on outside of their comfortable box and perhaps lead to them actually doing something about it.
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