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January 23, 2015

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U.S.: There are now twice as many solar jobs as coal jobs A Great Green Wall Across the African Continent
"even though solar is still a tiny slice of the American energy pie, it has by far the fastest growth of any energy source, and it’s adding jobs apace" "the great breadth of this enterprise illustrates the motivation of the populations concerned: to regain the right to live in dignity through solidarity "
‘The World Is Watching and Expectations Are High’, Secretary-General Says at Intergovernmental Negotiations on Post-2015 Development Agenda The Nobel Peace Prize to Mohamed Yunus and the people of Bangladesh
"Member States have the extraordinary opportunity — and the responsibility — to agree a far-reaching vision to 2030; to adopt an inspiring set of sustainable development goals; to make sure that they are adequately financed; to address human-induced climate change; and to rigorously monitor and review progress, so that the transformation we seek becomes a reality." "In his Nobel Prize speech, Yunus offered a new dream for today's youth, inviting them to become a new kind of entrepreneur that 'can change the character of capitalism radically.'"
Mining interests in Guatemala challenged by indigenous direct democracy Occupy Wall Street: A "Work of Art"
"Communities have increasingly returned to the consulta to express their disapproval of mining and extractive projects in their territories. The consultation held in Santa Maria Chiquimula is the 73rd consultation held since 2005 within the Mayan communities of Guatemala. In each case, the communities have voted overwhelming against the mega-projects in their territories." "what moved me even more was the respect, the way people listened to each other and honored and appreciated each other. "
Brazilian Indians secure nationwide land victory Reflection on the Life of Wangari Maathai
"We indigenous peoples have shown that we will never allow our lands to be recolonized, invaded or destroyed, even if that means sacrificing our own lives" "Her Nobel prize speech conveys her pride in African women’s resilience; her emphasis on justice, integrity and trust; the contribution of tree-planting to promoting a culture of peace; the need to preserve both local biodiversity and cultural diversity."
Los indígenas de Brasil consiguen una victoria territorial a escala nacional A Call from Africa for Sustainable Tourism: the Lusaka Declaration
"Los pueblos indígenas demostramos que, incluso sacrificando la propia vida, jamás admitiremos (…) la recolonización, usurpación y expoliación de territorios." "The Lusaka Declaration on Sustainable Tourism Development, Climate Change and Peace was unanimously adopted by the fifth African Conference of the International Institute for Peace through Tourism"
Canada: Kinder Morgan leaves Burnaby Mountain in win for pipeline protesters Fourth African Conference of International Institute of Peace through Tourism
"Thursday’s ruling represents a turning point for anti-extraction fights across North America. Combined with recent victories against the Keystone XL and Energy East pipelines, fossil fuel companies can expect more “challenging times” in the months and years to come." "More than 400 delegates from 33 countries participated in the conference sharing their experiences, ideas, wisdom and commitments."
Oil price crash won’t hurt renewable sector – analysts Book Review of The Real Wealth of Nations
"On the contrary, [Bloomberg New Energy Finance] chairman Michael Liebrich argued a shift to clean energy was hitting oil demand, driving the price down." "Eisler contributes by promoting a "new economics" and by recognizing the recent efforts by a number of economists to include measures of household work as an important part of a nation's economic output."
People's Summit in Peru: “The Earth is burning, let´s change the system!” Eco-Citizen Programme : Urban Agriculture for Vulnerable Youth
"Thousands of Peruvians from the coast, Andes and Amazon joined their voices along with citizens from over thirty countries that came to Lima for the United Nations climate talks and the People’s Summit." "planting of vegetable gardens and medicinal herbs ... awakens new interests and perspectives for the youth"
Confederación Campesina del Perú presente en marcha de Cumbre de Pueblos The Law of Mother Earth: Behind Bolivia’s Historic Bill
"Los dirigentes que llegaron a Lima en representación de las bases provinciales y regionales, esperan que esta movilización pacífica sea un ejemplo de hermandad, y compromiso de todos los pueblos con la defensa de la madre tierra. " "Mother Earth is a living dynamic system made up of the undivided community of all living beings, who are all interconnected, interdependent and complementary, sharing a common destiny"
Climate action: the race to Paris Worldwide Video Gaming for Clean Water
"One thing is clear: People, no matter where we live, will be impacted by climate change. This is not just a problem for scientists and governments to solve, it is a problem for all of us to solve." "it engages you in critical environmental problems now faced by hundreds of millions worldwide."
A Kenyan kid turns his friends’ poop into clean energy The World Social Forum prepares for Rio + 20
"Creating change in the way a community thinks makes all the difference, in Mwasaru’s view, and holds the key to addressing fast-depleting resources and the effects of climate change." "social movements should organise a strong presence at the 2012 conference, to forge an alliance with the Brazilian government with a view to changing the way the environment and development are thought about"
A Review of This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate Brazil's first indigenous woman lawyer beats prejudice to battle for land rights
"This is an important book that deserves to be widely read." "I know lots of strong women with strong voices. You just need to push them to be part of the process"
Culture of Peace Tourism in Africa Environmental Sustainability as a Tool for Peace Building
"No peace, no tourism" "A pollution prevention initiative called "Operation Clean the Nation" in The Gambia has brought together people from communities of various ethnic groups for the joint cause of ensuring a clean environment. "
Now Is the Time to Tackle Malnutrition and Its Massive Human Costs Indigenous women from Canada and the Global South unite at the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Rights
"in Rome from Nov. 19 to 21 . . . the Second International Conference on Nutrition , , , is an opportunity they cannot afford to miss: making peoples’ right to a healthy diet a global reality." "the right of Indigenous peoples to participate, and ultimately decide upon the development models that will impact their communities "
The role of youth work: Employability, peacebuilding and gender in Europe and beyond Program of Socio-economic Training and Job Placement for Young Ex-Soldiers in North Kivu
"The project ‘Voices of change: Employability, peacebuilding and gender in Europe and beyond’ . . . constitutes a real contribution to the advancement and recognition of youth work in Europe" "Barzas have been created by PEREXC for youth in the city of Butembo since January 2008. A barza is a village-based, inter-communal forum for conflict resolution, based on African traditional rituals of reconciliation and non-violent settlement of local conflicts."