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Peace Ambassadors - the Gambia: Summer School on Peace
an article by Abdoulie Bah, The Daily News, The Gambia

Peace Ambassadors - The Gambia, one of the lead youth activists organisation based in The Gambia, formed in 2001, on Thursday briefed journalists about their upcoming 6th edition of the International Youth Summer School on Peace on the theme “In the Search of Peace for Africa” which is slated to take place from the 24th August to the 7th September at the Brikama College campus.

Fabakary Kalleh, Executive Secretary of Peace Ambassadors The Gambia

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Speaking at the occasion, Lamin M. Sanyang, the president of Peace Ambassadors The Gambia, said the international youth summer school on peace was an annual event organised by his office where they gather school-going children and young people from all walks of life to enable them to acquire knowledge and skills needed to develop an aptitude for peace building, discussing issues that are affecting them and map out strategies of resolving them.

According to him, the organisation’s main objectives are to nurture culture of peace, tolerance and international friendship which is geared towards making the world a better place for survival.

“This event is inspired by the successes of the international youth summer camp funded by concern universal in 2004,” he added.

Peace Ambassadors The Gambia since then was in partnership with interested organizations and individuals progressively developed the event into a citadel of training on all issues affecting human rights, development, peace and security.

He further stressed that looking at the aims and objectives of the organisation is to make sure that they address the issues of human rights, peace and conflict management, governance, accountability and leadership training.

“We are making everything humanly possible to achieve the objectives of the International Summer School on Peace by providing one of the best resource persons to take them through in the whole process of the training,” he concluded.

Also speaking on behalf of the chairperson of the organizing committee, Mr. Abdou F.B. Boye, the vice chairperson, said Peace Ambassadors-The Gambia (PAG) is the new name given to the Youth Ambassadors of Peace.


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What is the best way to teach peace to children?,

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Maria Montessori believed that peace was innate within children. Her timeless educational philosophy was developed around this basic understanding. Perhaps all we need to do as teachers is to provide stimulating learning environments that validate this knowing and understanding and nurture it. We may not have to actually teach it,  Sharing peace-building stories gently attends to this. Strong, creative and imaginative peace-building characters who focus upon win-win and have faith in peace being possible are at the centre of the story plots. In Hassaun Ali-Jones Bey's (Boundless Gratitude ) unique and mesmerising story, Black Ink is such a character who bravely crosses the universe seeking validation of what he knows in his heart. The magical character also models all the important peace-building values, understandings and actions needed for peace-building. I believe also that peace-building must be modelled and the whole teaching-learning environment should reflect similar values, understandings and is the primary focus of the Save the Children Australia UN Global Peace School Program upon which I am presently fortunate to be working. . ...more.

This report was posted on September 10, 2012.