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Dialogue of Civilizations: 'It's time for action,' say the Youth
an article by Omar Diouf, Le Soleil, Senegal

At the Forum of the UN Alliance of Civilizations (Unaoc) held in Doha, the youth members called for the adults to take action and establish a true dialogue of peoples. "We, the youth, are capable to bridge the gap between civilizations. It's time for action . . ." Mohamed Fadel stated on behalf of his colleagues when he took the floor at the Doha Forum. The young man from Sudan, participating at the 4th international meeting of the Unaoc, put an emphasis on the role of youth in the construction of a better future. Taking the example of Sudan, recently divided into two countries after failing to deal with its cultural diversity, Mohamed Fadel considered that the youth could take the lead in the dialogue of civilizations. His advice was shared by the adults present during the closing ceremony tat took place at the Doha National Center.

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"The world is in continual change. By means of this Forum, the Unaoc needs to help youth attain their objectives. I am pleased to see the youth and the civil society joining us in our goals," said Cheika Moz Bint Nasser, wife of the Emir of Qatar and Ambassador to the Alliance. The President of the Alliance, Jorge Sampaio, also announced that Vienna, the capital of Austria, will host the 2013 followup to Doha, the 5th edition of the Unaoc Forum.

"We are pleased to host this event. We hereby renew our commitment to promote dialogue and peace in the world," had stated Heinz Fischer, the Austrian head of state at the opening of the Forum which included the UN Secretary-General, the Queen of Qatar, heads of state and representatives of governments, youth, media, etc.

According to Jorge Sampaio, former President of Portugal and ambassador of Unaoc, we should not allow cultural and religious differences to divide us. M. Sampaio recalled that the Alliance was created by the United Nations following the events of September 11, 2001 to in order to help us respond to the challenge of a dialogue of civilizations.

Irina Bokova, Directrice-Generale of Unesco, proposed that we must begin at the level of primary schools to teach respect for all religions and ethnic differences. "We must prepare the youngest children to understand citizenship. We must put an end to cultural illiteracy. It is an imperative task for our time . . . " she stated.

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Latest reader comment:

The original Youth Report for a Culture of Peace is still worth reading as the initial inspiration for the Youth Solidarity Fund of the Alliance of Civilizations.  See

This report was posted on January 2, 2012.