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Cubaís Achievements in the Area of Gender Acknowledged
an article by Radio Cadena Agramonte

Cubaís achievements with regard to gender are quantifiable and figures speak for themselves, asserted on Tuesday the head of the Department for Local Development and Gender of the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation for Development (AECID), Gemma Garcia. In an interview with the Prensa Latina news agency, Garcia made reference to the high level of womenís incorporation to decision-making positions, which she said is significant as compared to the rest of Latin America and even Europe.

She also referred to formative and educational levels, with regard to the achievement of the Millennium Goals, and underlined that the very legislation of the Caribbean island recognizes and incorporates womenís rights. Then is the other aspect, she asserted, what remains to be done in the sense that this equality is effective, but I believe that efforts in this respect are increasingly greater and that itís a commitment the country has.

She stressed that her agency has been working in the Caribbean island for several years now and that in terms of gender in Development they have a line of work aimed at accompanying the actions promoted in this regard by the Federation of Cuban Women and other organizations.

Garcia participated in the Meeting of Rural Women that began on Tuesday and will run until Thursday in Havana, where representatives of Nicaragua, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic and El Salvador, among other nations, are sharing their experiences.

The meeting was organized by the Cuban Association for Animal Production (ACPA) and is part of the work schedule of the international cooperation project financed by the AECID. Also participating in the meeting are the organizations MUNDUBAT and ACSUR Las Segovias, the Federation of Cuban Women, the Agriculture Ministry and other related institutions.


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Prospects for progress in women's equality, what are the short and long term prospects?

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The following figures, very revealing, come from the website of the American White House.

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This report was posted on October 31, 2011.